If the Governor Really Wants to Help…


Meh…it’s only taxpayer money.  Who cares?  Set it on fire.

Here’s what passes for “good” news in the Keys.

The governor included $15 million in his budget for the Florida Keys.  Here’s an item from the Citizen and another from the Reporter/Keynoter.  Here’s what county commissioner David Rice had to say…

“We are thankful that Gov. Scott continues to support the Keys in our effort to restore canals, collect storm water and do projects that enhance the water quality of the nearshore waters, which are critically important to the Keys’ economy and environmentally sensitive marine resources,” County Commissioner David Rice said on Tuesday.

So why am I not wholeheartedly embracing this “wonderful” news?  Well, if history is any guide, even if this money comes through it won’t do the Keys much good at all.  It will just be squandered on one ill-conceived boondoggle or another.  Not much to celebrate.

Monroe County is running away from the stench of its failed sewer projects as fast as it can.  You’ll notice that Rice didn’t mention the sewer projects as a water quality project.  The county threw $30 million in state money at the Cudjoe Regional project as soon as it came through, and promptly overspent the budget by $49 million – sticking Keys taxpayers with the tab.  In other words, state money only prompted the county commissioners to spend more, and ultimately increase the burden on local taxpayers.  It backfired.  Big time.

Cudjoe Regional citizens are justifiably upset with the project and have filed a series of lawsuits to ensure that it is done right.  It’s a never-ending battle.  Not only that, but Big Coppitt and Duck Key are routinely failing to meet effluent quality requirements.  Big Coppitt is the most expensive wastewater system in the Keys on a per EDU basis – and it doesn’t work.

The county clearly has no intention of cleaning up their mess.  In fact, they’re frantically looking to make bigger ones.  They are now turning their attention to more huge spending initiatives, such as canal restoration, which given the county’s track record, are almost certain to fail as well.  Unfortunately, it looks like the state is as willing as ever to go along with it.  One might call it enabling.

The Key Largo sewer project was completed on time and under budget.  Well, the state clearly didn’t like that one bit.  When money for Keys sewer projects finally started to come through, the state inexplicably decided that it all had to go to “new” projects – leaving Key Largo ratepayers out in the cold.  This was a huge slap in the face, especially considering that the sewer projects (and the deadline that went with them) were state mandated in the first place.  (The swap agreement is supposed to help remedy some of that, but I’m not convinced it will.  We’ll see.)

By rewarding foolish behavior and punishing responsible behavior, the state has certainly shown Keys taxpayers where it stands on reckless and wasteful spending.  They’re all for it.  Local efforts to spend wisely will be slapped down – hard.  Lesson learned.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  The state has also blocked efforts by Keys citizens to reform their own dysfunctional local government – specifically the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA).

Now the governor has included $15 million in his budget for the Keys.  And we’re supposed to be happy about it.  Well, if I supported the unrestrained squandering of taxpayer money, as the state seems to, I’d be delighted.

But I don’t, so I’m not.

If the governor really wanted to help the Keys, he would support citizen efforts to improve local government.  He would support local entities that made an effort to spend taxpayer money wisely – not punish them.  He would follow up to ensure that the projects he’s supporting actually do the job they were supposed to do.

By the way, I sent an email to the county commissioners asking them if they’re ever going to clean up their sewer mess.  I doubt I’ll hear anything.  What can they say?  But if I do, I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to If the Governor Really Wants to Help…

  1. Concerned key largo tax payer says:

    Good story “real poop”!!!!!
    I think you should break down the real numbers!!!
    I’m sure it goes much more than 6 million.
    I’ve been trying to figure out some of the smaller cost of this hot mess as a tax payer should.
    Why are they getting paid $400 each per meeting? That’s $2000 x 3 meetings a month = $6000… wow people! That’s $72,000 a year !!! and it doesn’t stop there because oh they need to be comfortable for the meeting too. Maybe other tax payers would like to know that the board members also get a plate of fresh fruit, cheese, crackers and bottled water…
    Why haven’t I read about this in the paper? We should call them the “waste money ” instead of the waste water.


    • M_Blank says:

      A+ for your comment, CKLT. That second meeting has got to go. Gotta keep the snacks though. Without snacks – blood sugar gets low. People get cranky. It’ll be like the Thunderdome in there.

      Keep watching.


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