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From the Key West Citizen – Corps never OK’d document bearing its logo

Hmmmm.  Well, its actually worse than that.  The county has engaged in some very questionable behavior with regard to Army Corps funding.  This is only the latest discovery. Corps never OK’d document bearing its logo I’ve struggled with whether to write about the … Continue reading

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Bob Dean: Another Follow-up

I’ve been circling back to some dormant issues lately.  One of those is Bob Dean’s apparent violation of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s (FKAA) rules regarding residency requirements.  Simply put, board members are supposed to live in the district which … Continue reading

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PEER Follows Up On FKAA’s Fake Environmental Assessment

On this blog, I discuss the many ways in which Monroe County has failed the citizens and taxpayers.  Their extremely inappropriate “partnership” with the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) has resulted in unprecedented financial waste and struggling wastewater projects.  The … Continue reading

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The County’s Sewer Expert

Update:  I found the iPhone Bandit’s resume.  I’m not seeing an “extensive background” in wastewater.  I guess the Citizen was leading us around by the nose again.  I wonder if they even looked at the resume before writing that article.  I’m guessing … Continue reading

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The “Super-Lobbyist”

Once in a while, I’ll draft a post and then I don’t publish it right away because the timing isn’t so great.  The story of the “super-lobbyist” falls into that category.  I thought it best to wait until after the veto … Continue reading

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State of Monroe County – 2015

Took a vacation last week.  Still catching up on all the excitement.  Looks like the new state of the county report is out – 56 pages of recycled bull-pucky.  It looks nice though.  Somebody’s very artistic. None of the budget … Continue reading

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The Friday Papers

I’m a bit tardy, but I did read Friday’s Blue Paper.  As always there are quite a few items of interest. Affordable Housing Public Form:  This is hosted by the Democratic Party, and contains this very intelligent statement. Missing has been a … Continue reading

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Stewardship Bill – Watching Closely

I’ve had a chance to review the agenda for the October 21 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting.  The Stewardship Bill looks good actually.  I’m going to follow-up with an email to the BOCC and Rep. Raschein’s office to make … Continue reading

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Cudjoe Regional, Rowells Marina and the Reality Warp

I really need to get something off my chest.  It bugs the snot out of me when people in the Lower Keys complain about Rowell’s Marina.  Unfortunately, I still see these comments on a regular basis.  Rowell’s Marina – a … Continue reading

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Hello.  My name is Margaret Blank.  I am the former General Manager of the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District.  I resigned in August 2014 in order to pursue new adventures with my family in New Hampshire.  The District came a long … Continue reading

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