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FKAA Follies – All Talk, No Action

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) responded to my public records request.  Their follow-up on the Dean residency issue was underwhelming to say the least.  I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one.  Basically, the FKAA sent the letter and investigative report to … Continue reading

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FKAA Follies – Public Records

Update:  Yeah, copying the board members really seems to help.  Charley Toppino & Sons has a subcontract with Gianetti worth $2.9 million.  According to the information provided, they are doing no work on the wastewater treatment facility.  The Toppino companies … Continue reading

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Bob Dean: Another Follow-up

I’ve been circling back to some dormant issues lately.  One of those is Bob Dean’s apparent violation of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s (FKAA) rules regarding residency requirements.  Simply put, board members are supposed to live in the district which … Continue reading

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Animal Control: The Games Continue

Life has taken over.  I don’t have as much time to blog as I used to, but I still care about Keys issues, especially the issue of animal control.   Fortunately, Rick Boettger is all over it.  He’s done a … Continue reading

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Madok Campaign Contributions

I downloaded Kevin Madok’s campaign contributions from the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections website.  As you’ll recall Madok won the hotly contested race for Clerk of Court.  He narrowly beat incumbent Amy Heavilin in the Republican primary and Democrat Ron Saunders … Continue reading

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Sanitary Sewer and New Development

  Update2:  The Blue Paper published my post and the Citizen published this article.  Looks like the  Citizen has a FART – Fast Action Response Team – that immediately responds to uncomfortable stories about the county and/or the FKAA.  Can’t complain too … Continue reading

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Cross Key Letter

I saw this thoughtful letter by Howard Gelbman in the Free Press about the Cross Key/Monroe Park situation.  It’s an open letter to Governor Rick Scott.  Scott hasn’t been terribly sympathetic to the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (District) or to … Continue reading

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Change at the District – Looking Ahead

The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District board declined to renew the general manager’s contract last Tuesday.  There’s an article about it in the Keynoter/Reporter.  Nothing in the sad, old Free Press.  I guess we won’t hear from them until next … Continue reading

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If the Governor Really Wants to Help…

Here’s what passes for “good” news in the Keys. The governor included $15 million in his budget for the Florida Keys.  Here’s an item from the Citizen and another from the Reporter/Keynoter.  Here’s what county commissioner David Rice had to … Continue reading

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PEER Follows Up On FKAA’s Fake Environmental Assessment

On this blog, I discuss the many ways in which Monroe County has failed the citizens and taxpayers.  Their extremely inappropriate “partnership” with the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) has resulted in unprecedented financial waste and struggling wastewater projects.  The … Continue reading

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