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Like Pulling Teeth -Toppino’s $9.5 Million Subcontract

Updated:  Fixed broken link. Getting information from the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) is like pulling teeth sometimes.  Good thing I don’t mind pulling teeth. A while back, I asked the FKAA to provide a list of subcontractors on all … Continue reading

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SAO: Watch dog or trained poodle?

The Isaac Archer bubba-mess got me thinking a lot about the state attorneys office (SAO).  How do they decide who they target with an investigation?  And who they let slide?  Why don’t they do more to protect the Keys community … Continue reading

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Too Crooked to Fail

If you read the Real Poop regularly then you know I am very skeptical about our current county clerk, Kevin Madok.  I’m also very skeptical about the Key West Citizen.  That’s why I question the Citizen’s giddy delight over the … Continue reading

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Reporter Honors Self with Participation Award

Update:  I left out something very important.  The Reporter is supposed to be an Upper Keys newspaper, but they don’t come through on issues that effect the Upper Keys specifically.  The Reporter is so desperate to stay on the good side … Continue reading

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The Memory Hole

I cover so many subjects, and they all seem to require a lot of research.  Public records requests can take multiple attempts.  Sometimes the info received requires clarification or generates more questions. The county will often stall and stiff-arm hoping … Continue reading

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FKSPCA – Jane Fails the Taxpayers

The Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) was recently awarded a $425,000 contract to run the Marathon animal shelter under very suspicious circumstances.  I wrote a few posts about it.  Here’s my initial reaction.  Here’s a post that … Continue reading

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Cujoe Regional Field Report

It’s challenging to tease out the facts about the performance of the Cudjoe Regional sewer system during and after Hurricane Irma.  Here is an example of two contradictory reports in the Key West Citizen.  Unfortunately, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing Scam?

Update:  County staff referred my questions to Manuel Castillo, the Executive Director of the Key West Housing Authority.  Apparently, the Key West Housing Authority (KWHA) manages public housing units owned by the county?  It’s reminiscent of the county’s “partnership” with … Continue reading

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FKAA Follies – All Talk, No Action

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) responded to my public records request.  Their follow-up on the Dean residency issue was underwhelming to say the least.  I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one.  Basically, the FKAA sent the letter and investigative report to … Continue reading

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Money for Who?

Update:  Here’s another article from the Keynoter/Reporter.  According to this, the money will be split among the entities in accordance with the 2013 interlocal agreement – meaning that the county will not be able to funnel it all to their … Continue reading

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