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Please No More Excuses

Watching the BOCC discussing the swap interlocal was painful.  I’m glad they approved it, but it was painful.  It is the very first step in resolving the $26 million funding inequity.  They also made it very clear that they would … Continue reading

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The Real Poop on the Infrastructure Sales Tax

At one time, Monroe County introduced the notion of “donor” and “recipient” communities.  They put out a report asserting that Key Largo was a “recipient” community.  Here’s a link to a newspaper article about it.  The report was so poorly done, I … Continue reading

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“Mere Allegations” and Smoke Without Fire

Mere allegation. It’s funny.  That phrase has popped up more than once in the past few days.  Donald Trump used it. “People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation,” the president said in his tweet Saturday. “There … Continue reading

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Money for Who?

Update:  Here’s another article from the Keynoter/Reporter.  According to this, the money will be split among the entities in accordance with the 2013 interlocal agreement – meaning that the county will not be able to funnel it all to their … Continue reading

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Madok Campaign Contributions

I downloaded Kevin Madok’s campaign contributions from the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections website.  As you’ll recall Madok won the hotly contested race for Clerk of Court.  He narrowly beat incumbent Amy Heavilin in the Republican primary and Democrat Ron Saunders … Continue reading

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Oceanside/Ocean’s Edge – Sender Sites

The map above shows the locations of the receiver sites and sender sites for the Ocean’s Edge project.  A detailed map of the receiver site is below, and a brief discussion can be found here.

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Oceanside/Ocean’s Edge – Getting My Bearings

Understanding this Oceanside/Ocean’s Edge situation is really important I think.  Lots of moving parts, lots of players.  As discussed in the Land Scarcity Chessboard posts (here, here, here and here), there’s only a finite amount of land that can be … Continue reading

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If the Governor Really Wants to Help…

Here’s what passes for “good” news in the Keys. The governor included $15 million in his budget for the Florida Keys.  Here’s an item from the Citizen and another from the Reporter/Keynoter.  Here’s what county commissioner David Rice had to … Continue reading

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All Things Sewer

There have been a few sewer-related items in Keys media lately. First up is the flooding in Key Largo.  The high tides are causing problems with the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District’s (KLWTD) vacuum sewer system.  Crews are working overtime … Continue reading

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Watching the Watchers

I started this blog because of the huge wastewater funding disparity affecting Key Largo.  I keep going because I find more and more problems with Keys government as I go along.  Blatant conflicts of interest.  Reckless spending.  Lack of transparency. … Continue reading

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