Wastewater Funding Analysis

piggy-bank-970340__180Update:  There have been a few new developments since I first wrote this page.  Here’s a link to that discussion.  The bottom line is still about the same though.

The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District Board asked their accounting firm to prepare a wastewater funding analysis.  The report verifies that Key Largo citizens are unjustifiably paying $26 million more for their sewer system than other taxpayers in the unincorporated area.

Here are a few pertinent facts:

  • Key Largo is an unincorporated area just like Cudjoe Key, Big Pine, Big Coppitt or Duck Key.
  • As such, it does not receive proceeds from the infrastructure sales tax directly.  It must depend on Monroe County to distribute the sales tax in a fair and responsible way.
  • The Key Largo project serves about the same number of EDU’s as the other projects in the unincorporated area combined.
  • The Key Largo project cost substantially less per EDU than the other projects – about $5000 less per EDU.
  • Despite this, Key Largo citizens contribute almost $1,900 more per EDU than citizens in the other unincorporated areas.  That comes to a total of $26 million.
  • This is primarily because of a huge funding imbalance.  Key Largo received $100 million less from the infrastructure sales tax.

Here’s a summary table from the report.

FUNDING ANALYSIS – D1 11-12-14_table

The entire report is included here.

FUNDING ANALYSIS -11-20-14 (1)

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