Connecting the Dots


Update:  Here’s a link to a pdf version of the diagram with links to supporting info.  If the text has a black or white rectangle around it, that means there’s a link.

I found a handy flow chart app and it’s FREE.  It makes charting interrelated cronyism much easier to diagram.  The idea here is that seemingly nonsensical maneuvers actually do make a lot of sense when you realize what’s going on behind the scenes.  Great example – why does the Key West Citizen lie and spin so much?  Well, they have a big marketing contract with Monroe County.

How to read it:

The blue ellipses are the players.  The people who pick our pockets every chance they get, or enable others to do so.

The yellow diamonds are the sleazy, criminal or downright questionable things they’ve done.

The orange boxes are the various government entities or businesses involved.

The blue cigar shaped thingies are the relationships.

The red flag, affordable housing, is something that people need to watch out for.  The canal projects will be added as another one.  Remember that the sleazebags who populate the local governments of the Keys are always looking for the next opportunity to rip off the taxpayers.  You really have to be on your toes.

I need to tighten up the diagram and it will always need to be expanded, updated and corrected.  I also want to add links to related blog posts so that people can easily get up to speed on Keys swamp dwellers.

Without further ado, here’s the latest version of the bubba chart.



Update:  The direct connection is between Veliz and Dan Kolhage, former Key West city commissioner  not Danny Kolhage, current Monroe County commissioner.  Diagram to be revised.

There are so many issues that affect the pocketbooks of Keys taxpayers:

  • Over-budget capital projects, especially Cudjoe Regional.
  • A lack of transparency, especially Cudjoe Regional.
  • Unfair funding, especially Key Largo.
  • Unresolved issues that have gone down the “memory hole”, especially the Upper Keys Animal Shelter.
  • Dishonesty from public officials.
  • The issues at the school district.

As I examine these issues, it’s hard not to notice that many of the players are all connected in some way.  I’ve already talked about that in a few of places on the blog.

I started putting together this diagram.  I’ll be revising and adding on as I learn more.  The red arrows indicate possible impropriety, such as a conflict of interest.  Here’s the rundown.

  • FKAA attorney, Robert Feldman, also acted as FKAA board member Bob Dean’s personal attorney.  That’s a no-no.
  • Newly appointed board member Richard Toppino is an officer/employee of at least two family businesses that do a significant amount of work for the FKAA both as contractors and subcontractors.
  • It’s been alleged that former City of Key West commissioner, Dan Kolhage, used his influence to get Greg Veliz hired at the City of Key West.  Veliz, who served time for a felony drug conviction, is now the Assistant City Manager of Key West.
  • School district board member, Bobby Highsmith, dinged current school superintendent, Mark Porter, for not allowing Highsmith’s good buddy, Randy Acevedo to be a volunteer football coach.  Former school superintendent, Randy Acevedo pled guilty to three counts of official misconduct and was removed from office for covering up his wife’s theft of over $400,000 from the school district.

I think the diagram a pretty decent visual aid, but you might wind up cross-eyed!  It’s starting to get a little out-of-hand.  This is a work-in-progress so please stay tuned.

Connecting the Dots 6

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