Don is gone, but the con goes on – ants and grasshoppers

The malicious lying and conspiracy ranting that shitler employed so effectively to rile up and control his MAGA base, is common practice within the GOP. Shitler, thankfully, is out of office but that doesn’t mean his style of politics is going anywhere. In fact, it’s as popular as ever. Take Texas Governor Greg Abbott as the most recent example.

In the midst of the horrific crisis afflicting his state, Abbott managed to find the time to go on Sean Hannity’s unhinged opinion show to spread lies about the cause of the disaster. Doesn’t he have better things to do right now?

Apparently not.

The San Antonio Current has a nice round-up of Abbott’s conflicting statements.

On Monday, February 15, he tweeted a statement about natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities being compromised by the frigid weather.

While some Texas wind turbines did freeze during the storm, failures at natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities caused roughly twice as much power loss as issues with renewables, officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s grid operator said during a Tuesday press conference.

Abbott himself knows this, having sent out out a tweet on Monday that chalked up the blackouts to failures at natural gas and coal plants.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lies on Fox News about cause of the state’s power outages”, San Antonio Current, February 17, 2021.

The very next day, Tuesday, February 16, Abbott was on Sean Hannity’s propaganda outlet blaming the catastrophe on renewables.

During a Tuesday appearance on right-wing TV personality Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, the Republican governor erroneously claimed renewable energy failures were responsible for statewide blackouts. The situation, he added, was proof that the Green New Deal championed by Democrats would be a “deadly deal” for the country.

“Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and oil and nuclear, as well as solar and wind,” he said. “But you saw … that our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid, and that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis.”

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lies on Fox News about cause of the state’s power outages”, San Antonio Current, February 17, 2021.

The root cause of the Texas grid failure can’t be blamed on any one form of energy or another. It was the failure to weatherize power generating facilities. Extreme cold is not unheard of in Texas. They get a hard winter every ten years or so.

The failure certainly cannot be blamed on the usual MAGA villains. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and her Green New Deal policies had nothing to do with it. Texas was warned to winterize facilities in 2011 after similar failures. They didn’t do it. Besides, the Green New Deal hasn’t even been implemented yet. It may never be. At this point, it’s just a proposal.

Right now, it seems that those areas of Texas which are served by interconnected grids – where weatherization was required and completed – suffered fewer outages. It’s plain common sense that utilities who took the steps to prepare for winter weather, would get through it better. It’s not a political thing. It’s not a left-right thing. It’s an ant-grasshopper thing.

There hasn’t been a Democratic governor of Texas since 1995. The state legislature has been majority Republican since the early 2000’s. The ERCOT grid is self-contained within the state of Texas. It is not subject to Federal oversight. Texas Republicans will have a hard time passing the buck on this one but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

The problem isn’t that Republicans are any less capable and competent than Democrats. The problem is that MAGA-world political realities require Republican politicians to parrot nonsense in order to satisfy their base and stifle doubts that might lead MAGA’s to seek out alternative leadership.

But all the lies that keep the MAGA base in line also inhibit the ability of Republican leaders to grapple effectively with real-world problems. I guess that’s why Senator Ted Cruz decided to go on vacation in Mexico in the middle of the catastrophe. After all, he can lie from anywhere.

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Before and After: Worst Parents Ever

I continue to be amazed at the transformational effect that arrest and potential incarceration has on treasonous, violence-prone MAGA’s. A dose of accountability truly works miracles. MAGA’s go in as domestic terrorists demanding the violent overthrow of democracy, and come out as innocent, little lambs who were duped by shitler. It’s incredible!

It’s no secret that MAGA’s treat shitler like a cult leader. It creates a disturbance in the force when I dare to say so, but MAGA-ism looks very much like a form of shitler worship. I’m not trying to be critical or mean. It’s a simple statement of fact. I understand this is not something MAGA’s want to hear. To be quite frank, it’s not something I want to say. But it is a truth that needs to be acknowledged.

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.

Thomas Paine

MAGA’s definitely don’t treat shitler like any old politician. They take everything he says as gospel truth. There is no skepticism, no fact-checking, no getting the other side of the story. In fact, to a MAGA, there is no other side of the story. Anyone who criticizes shitler or tries to hold him accountable in any way is regarded as the ENEMY.

All this willful gullibility and cult-like thinking has tragic consequences. Here’s a story about two abysmally terrible parents that led their teenage son astray with their cultish shitler beliefs. They all trouped up to Washington D.C. together, drunk on shitler’s lies. As a direct result, the son joined in the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the capital.

Bruno Cua is facing a host of federal charges for storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, including assault on a federal officer, civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding. His dad testified that he knew he son had brought a baton with him as they went to the Capitol.

So Bruno Cua is one of the evil pricks who attacked the police officers on duty that day. In true hypocritical MAGA fashion, he showed the world that blue lives don’t actually matter to him after all.

After all this, Bruno’s god-awful parents were delusional enough to think that their son should be home with them until trial. I guess they thought they hadn’t screwed up his life enough already. Unsurprisingly, the judge thought reuniting Bruno with these idiots was unjustified given the severity of his crimes.

Bruno Cua, he ruled, would be held in custody until his trial. He would be sent back to D.C., where he’ll face trial for his crimes or, more likely, take a plea deal.

Bruno Cua is an adult in the legal sense, but just barely. He’s 18 years old. Thanks to his gullible, shitler-worshipping parents, he’s starting his adult life with a criminal record. Here’s what Cua’s sorry excuse for a father had to say about his role in the matter.

“I feel like I maybe should’ve known a little bit better at my age,” Joseph Cua said. “At some point, you’re like, ‘I think this is a bunch of B.S.’”


And, oh by the way, what incredible timing! This epiphany comes after the crime is already committed and Joseph Cua’s son is facing legal consequences for his actions. If daddy had bothered to do five minutes of fact checking beforehand – with his brain switched on!!! – he would have found that shitler’s “stolen election” claims were totally bogus. Maybe he wouldn’t have trashed his son’s future. A little critical thinking goes a long way. Just sayin’.

On Saturday, the Senate voted to acquit shitler for his role in the domestic attack on the capital. The acquittal wasn’t due to a lack of evidence. It was due to cowardice on the part of Senate Republicans, who are still terrified of shitler. Despite their ongoing spinelessness Republicans have managed to “condemn the violence” that occurred that day. They desperately want to hang on to the domestic terrorist vote, but at the same time, they don’t want to alienate moderates and independents. The vote to acquit was not a good faith decision based on the facts. It was a political calculation and everybody knows it.

I hope MAGA’s are paying attention here because there is a serious double standard at work. There will be no accountability for shitler no matter what he says or does. He’s too rich and well-connected. Despite his horribleness, he still has influence over the cult of MAGA. Besides, Republicans know that if shitler’s guilt is acknowledged then theirs will be, too. After all, with few exceptions, Republicans are as guilty as shitler of spreading the lies that caused the violence on January 6.

The mindless MAGA’s who thoughtlessly and stupidly did shitler’s bidding, will suffer the consequences of their actions. There will be no pardons for them. They won’t get the same lenient treatment that shitler got. After all, many of them proudly posted evidence of their crimes on social media. Over 230 MAGA’s have been arrested for their criminal acts so far. Shitler and his cronies are breezily disowning these hapless souls, and throwing them under the bus.

Of course, domestic terrorist MAGA’s are trying to do the exact same. Post arrest, they’re blaming shitler for “duping” them. It won’t do them any good though. They’ve already been sacrificed on the alter of political expedience.

There’s no honor among thieves. Or liars. Or domestic terrorists. Or political opportunists.

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Before and After: Jennifer Ryan

MAGA’s are in full ass-covering mode these days. They are lying like never before, and boy can they lie! After all…

There’s nothing like the prospect of jail time to burst the MAGA bubble. One minute you’re a legend in your own mind, the next you’re cooling your heels in a jail cell – eating peasant food. Reality can be a total bitch sometimes.

Anyhow, I thought it might be interesting to document some of the amazing jail house conversions if only to remind ourselves of how deceitful these people truly are. In typical MAGA fashion, they’ll be playing the victim and sobbing into their beer.

MAGA-land media will be there to help spread their distorted tales of woe while helpfully obscuring how they wound up in their sorry situations to begin with. Let’s not allow their theatrical displays of self-pity and MAGA-land spin to eclipse the hard, cold reality of their crimes.

The mainstream media has provided a steady stream of stories about MAGA’s being tracked down and arrested. Many helpfully include “before” statements provided by MAGA’s themselves – often posted on social media – and “after” statements – often made in court or through their attorneys.

Since these statements are a matter of public record, they are difficult for MAGA’s to disown or dispute. That doesn’t mean they won’t try. Nothing pisses off a MAGA like an accurate news report.

First up is Jennifer Ryan, a realtor from Texas who plugged her services while roaming around the ransacked capital building. Classy!

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I Got It!!! SHITLER!

I’ve been struggling with what to call greasy orange hitler on this blog. This morning, as I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the cat box, it hit me like a thunder bolt. SHITLER! It’s perfect.

It communicates the disgust I feel toward this highly craptastic person, and conveys the utter contempt he so richly deserves. It captures the tyrannical impulse that drives him while also alluding to his outrageously, clownish incompetence.

Turns out I’m not the first one to come up with “shitler”. The term already exists to describe Adolf Hitler and some other gross things. You can check it out at the Urban Dictionary if you so desire.

I think shitler is a perfect name for the individual that MAGA’s revere and seek to emulate. So what should we call them? Shitler-ites?

I guess MAGA’s will have to do for now. I saw a nice meme that says MAGA stands for “My Ass Got Arrested”. Lol. Good work, internet!

That will definitely work for the domestic terrorists in MAGA-land who actually carry out MAGA violence – the MAGA-thugs (MAGATs).

But there are still plenty of Armchair MAGA’s out there who buy into all the lies. Even now. As such, they are a big part of the problem. Shame on them. Try as they might, they can’t spin away the truth. We shouldn’t be surprised though. Lies are the black heart and corrupt soul of MAGA-ism. And…

There is so much dishonesty in MAGA-land. They’re still doubling down on the election lies. Jim Jordan, otherwise known as “Look Away Jim”, is still hammering away at that. So obedient and well-trained. He offers no evidence to support his claims, but then MAGA’s never do, do they?

By the way, MAGA’s, if you “condemn the violence” while at the same time refusing to hold shitler accountable for instigating the violence, then you’re not actually condemning the violence. You’re enabling it. You’re saying it’s perfectly okay to instigate violence. You’re guaranteeing that it will happen again. It may not be shitler next time, but it will be somebody.

MAGA’s aren’t immune to effects of violence, by the way. A MAGA planted two pipe bombs on January 6. MAGA’s can die in an explosion just as easily as any patriotic, freedom-loving American. So be careful what you allow your beloved shitler to get away with while you’re sitting in your armchair, marinating in lies. It might just come back to bite you.

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Where MAGA Lies Lead Us

I would have been willing to ride out the remaining few days of greasy orange hitler’s hideous reign in relative silence. But now that MAGA-thugs (MAGAT’s) have attacked the capital building there’s just no way I can do that.

I’m not entirely sure where all my MAGA’s heads are at these days. I know that for some, the spell is finally broken. All it took was a domestic terror attack to see their MAGA movement for what it truly is. Some are still worshiping at the feet of their greasy orange hitler and gulping down the greasy, orange Koolaid. Shame on them.

I’ve spent four years bottling up my disgust to try and keep the peace with the MAGA’s around me. And you know what? I’m done. Now I get to vent my spleen.

All patriotic, freedom-loving Americans should watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video. MAGA’s should watch it, too. They will struggle with the truth about how their own behavior and embrace of lies compares to the Nazi’s, but they are the ones who most need to hear the message.

Emotions are running hot and the horrible facts about the domestic terror attack are still coming out, but the fact remains that MAGA’s have chosen to marinate in lies. The lies they love so much lead to hate and resentment. That hate and resentment inevitably leads to violence. Not all MAGA’s are guilty of violence, but all MAGA’s are complicit. Even if they didn’t storm the capital that day, they cast their vote for the person who lit the fuse. They believed and spread the lies that added fuel to the fire.

MAGA’s could easily fact check the bullshit fairy tales that get them so riled up against their fellow Americans. It would take an extra five or ten minutes of homework. The internet makes it so easy. Unfortunately, time and convenience is not the issue. The issue is pride and selfishness.

I know where I stand. I am pro-democracy, pro-America, pro-liberty. I oppose lies. I oppose hate. I oppose violence, thuggery and domestic terrorism. If my candidate loses an election I may not be happy, but I am willing to accept it. I expect MAGA’s to do the same. It’s how America is supposed to operate. MAGA’s are unique and special just like everybody else. The rules apply to them, too, no matter how special and superior they may consider themselves to be.

How did MAGA’s get to where they are today? How did they get to the point of committing such egregious acts of treachery and violence? Well it all starts with lies. The lies lead to bigotry and hate. And the hate leads to intimidation and violence.

Lies, lies, lies.

You can call them propaganda. Or conspiracy theories. Or baseless opinions. Or alternative facts. Or a weasel-word favorite, “unsubstantiated claims”. But these are all just euphemisms. We are talking about lies. And not just any old lies but the very worst kind – lies that are meant to justify doing harm to others. This is such a central feature of MAGA-ism, I made a graphic for it and I repeat it often. Lies are the black heart and corrupt soul of MAGA-ism. If lies catch on when you repeat them often enough, maybe the truth will, too. So here I go again…

Bigotry and hate.

The MAGA-verse started forming the moment that greasy orange hitler rode down his golden escalator and called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists.

I was horrified. I knew right then I could never vote for such a hateful, belligerent a$$hole.

But not everyone agrees with me. Greasy orange hitler was elected not in spite of comments like that but because of them.

There are far more hard-core, KKK fascist sympathizers out there then I realized. And there’s more crawling out from under their rocks all the time. That type of vile, paranoid thinking has infiltrated the minds of MAGA’s all over the country.

Intimidation and violence.

MAGA threats and violence started early on and have been building ever since. Greasy orange hitler encouraged his supporters to beat up opponents at his rallies. A few enthusiastically complied. Then came the Alt Right, Proud Boys and other MAGA-thug gangs. Finally it lead to the domestic terror attack on the capital last Wednesday.

Violence is like catnip to MAGA’s. They love it. Even if they don’t actively participate in it, they accept it, applaud it, excuse it and egg it on. A favorite underhanded MAGA maneuver is to deny their role in inciting violence, while at the same time continuing to fan the flames.

For MAGA’s, the threat of violence is the ace up their sleeve. MAGA’s are not persuaded by logic, evidence or facts. Much like their leader, they are persuaded by whatever flatters their ego. They simply accept what greasy orange hitler, or his minions, tell them is true and add their own flourishes. It creates a sick, escalating feedback loop. They cannot be bothered to fact check or search out other points of view because that would suck the drama and excitement out of their egotistical MAGA fantasies.

When the violence blows up in their face, as it inevitably does, MAGA’s disown it and try to pass the buck. Their domestic terror attack on the capital didn’t get the results they were after so now they’ve cooked up stupid conspiracy theories about antifa and false flag operations. They are desperately trying to shield themselves from the consequences of their own complicity.

It would almost be comical if it weren’t so evil and destructive.

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MAGAT Comment Policy

Note that all delusional MAGAT comments will be deleted.

MAGAT’s seek to dominate the conversation at all times by bullying, insulting and lying.

Their screeching will not be allowed on this blog. They can spread their poison elsewhere.

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The Magic of Accountability

The vicious, evil, treasonous, MAGA thugs (MAGAT’s) who attacked our democracy on Wednesday, and murdered a police officer in the process, are being tracked down and arrested one by one. We’ll never get them all, but hopefully we’ll get enough to kill this evil movement dead.

As expected there have been some lightening fast jailhouse conversions. It’s amazing the magical effect a dose of accountability can have. Here’s a quote from a fired Chicago CEO arrested for entering the smashed capital building.

In a moment of extremely poor judgment following the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, I followed hundreds of others through an open set of doors to the Capitol building to see what was taking place inside.

My decision to enter the Capitol was wrong, and I am deeply regretful to have done so. Without qualification and as a peaceful and law-abiding citizen, I condemn the violence and destruction that took place in Washington.

“Trump-aupporting Chicago CEO arrested for allegedly entering Capital during riots”, USA Today

Notice how he minimizes his actions, and claims to be a “peaceful and law-abiding citizen” who just innocently wandered in through a set of open doors. I guess we’re just supposed to ignore the fact that he was able to wander through those doors because they were smashed open.

Like all MAGAT’s, he is a habitual liar in full spin mode. Already, MAGATs are trying to blame antifa for their own vile actions. What spineless, wormy bastards. Disgusting. They should at least have the decency to own their actions.

I hope that justice will be swift and sure. I hope that the punishment fits the crime. No more coddling of these domestic terrorist thugs. They are too dangerous to be walking freely among us – taking selfies with police officers.

Let’s think for a minute about how this evil MAGAT-traitor came to be at the capital that fateful day.

This was not a “moment of extremely poor judgement”. This is the end result of years of willful self-delusion.

MAGAT-traitors have spent four years worshiping at the feet of greasy orange hitler. MAGAT-traitors are so twisted by their overblown sense of entitlement, that they thought nothing of nullifying the votes of 81 million of their fellow citizens. When they didn’t get what they wrongly felt they were entitled to, they chose to participate in a domestic terrorist attack.

These MAGAT-traitors were so in love with greasy orange hitler’s savage bullying, that living without it was something they could not abide. They applauded and emulated greasy orange hitler’s extreme narcissism and selfishness. They supported every treasonous act and statement which undermined our democracy. They thought nothing of the harm done to their country or their fellow citizens. In fact, reveled in that harm.

Most of all, they chose to believe vicious lie after vicious after vicious lie.

That is why this MAGAT-traitor-former-CEO found himself at the capital that day. It didn’t come out of nowhere. There was a long, slow lead up. Like all MAGAT-traitors, he made a long series of deliberate decisions that lead him to charge through those smashed doors as part of a violent mob.

Only now, after losing his job and being arrested does he express any remorse.


This MAGAT-traitor, like all MAGAT-traitors, has only one regret. SUFFERING THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS.

The evil that was in this MAGAT-traitor’s heart from the beginning is still there. A CEO, the top executive of a company, surely has the smarts to tell the difference between the truth and a lie.

This MAGAT-traitor, like all MAGAT-traitors, chose to believe the lies about a stolen election. Like his many treasonous cronies, he chose to allow those lies to guide his actions.

It’s time to stop regarding Trump supporters as poor, deluded victims of misinformation. Their actions are deliberate. If they can choose to believe lies, they can just as easily choose to seek out the truth.

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MAGAT Infestation

Our once great democracy has been overrun by MAGA Thugs (MAGAT’s).  MAGAT’s have nothing but contempt for the United States of America.  They despise democracy and the rule of law.  They have zero respect for the rights of their fellow citizens.  They enthusiastically wipe their ass with the Constitution. 

I’ve decided to re-activate the blog for a bit to help combat the menace.

MAGAT’s run on lies. Lies are truly the black heart and corrupt soul of Trumpkinism. If you want to know how Trumpkinism operates, you only need to remember one thing.

That’s really all there is to it.

VOTER FRAUD!!! was the lie they used to justify storming the capital.

Something like 60 out of 61 of Trump’s voter fraud lawsuits have died in court due to lack of evidence.

When you continue to repeat debunked, evidence-free claims, YOU ARE A LIAR. And you are not to be trusted.

MAGAT’s who don’t want to be liars, don’t have to be. In fact, it’s quite easy to avoid falling into that trap. There are plenty of fact checking sites out there. Snopes is my favorite. is a good one for checking into the reliability of your news sources.

From a common sense standpoint, there’s an old adage I swear by to keep my head on straight:

If things aren’t adding up, be skeptical. Ask questions. Don’t just gulp down the Koolaid.

I’m not naive, of course. I know that MAGAT’s are as capable of fact checking as I am. They don’t do it because they don’t want to. They like all the lies. It gives them an excuse to behave like scumbags or at least support those who do.

We’re on to you, MAGAT’s.

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SAO: Watch dog or trained poodle?


Sure he’s cute, but is he tough enough to protect us?

The Isaac Archer bubba-mess got me thinking a lot about the state attorneys office (SAO).  How do they decide who they target with an investigation?  And who they let slide?  Why don’t they do more to protect the Keys community from well-connected offenders?  In the Archer case, the SAO managed to do the right thing at the tail end, but there’s no question that Archer received lenient treatment up to that point.

The state attorney is an elected position.  Theoretically, that means the seat can turn over every four years.  But how long has staff been there?  Who are they?  How do they influence decision-making?  Why should we trust them?  How much power does an elected SA really have?  How easy would it be for staff to sabotage a new SA who was serious about tackling corruption?

This is something I’ve been pondering ever since Chris Weber, “Chief Investigator”, breezily blew off concerns about the Marathon animal control contract.  As you might recall, that bidding process stunk to high heaven but Weber didn’t care.  He seemed anxious to make it all go away on the county’s behalf. Continue reading

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Updated Connecting the Dots Page

The bubba diagram is an ongoing project.  You can check out recent updates here.

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