From KeysInfoNet – Contractor error slows North Key Largo speed to 45 mph

Wow.  This is an interesting one.  The county recently  completed a bike path project on C-905.  Apparently, as a result of that project the travel lanes were narrowed to something less than 12 feet.  The speed limit had to be reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph.

This quote from the story grabbed my attention:

“We believe we had existing conditions that were 12-foot-wide lanes,” county Engineering Director Judy Clarke told commissioners. “The intent was to preserve that through construction, and it hasn’t been preserved.”

Were the travel lanes 12 feet wide or weren’t they?  Presumably the area was surveyed during the design phase.  This information should be on the plans.

How did it get to this point?  When and how was the problem discovered?  Where was the county during the construction process?  What will it take to resolve the problem?  How much will it cost to fix?

Watching that section of the meeting sheds little light on the issue.  It’s item O13.

Contractor error slows North Key Largo speed to 45 mph

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