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Before and After: Jennifer Ryan

MAGA’s are in full ass-covering mode these days. They are lying like never before, and boy can they lie! After all… There’s nothing like the prospect of jail time to burst the MAGA bubble. One minute you’re a legend in … Continue reading

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I Got It!!! SHITLER!

I’ve been struggling with what to call greasy orange hitler on this blog. This morning, as I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the cat box, it hit me like a thunder bolt. SHITLER! It’s perfect. It communicates the disgust I … Continue reading

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Where MAGA Lies Lead Us

I would have been willing to ride out the remaining few days of greasy orange hitler’s hideous reign in relative silence. But now that MAGA-thugs (MAGAT’s) have attacked the capital building there’s just no way I can do that. I’m … Continue reading

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MAGAT Comment Policy

Note that all delusional MAGAT comments will be deleted. MAGAT’s seek to dominate the conversation at all times by bullying, insulting and lying. Their screeching will not be allowed on this blog. They can spread their poison elsewhere.

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The Magic of Accountability

The vicious, evil, treasonous, MAGA thugs (MAGAT’s) who attacked our democracy on Wednesday, and murdered a police officer in the process, are being tracked down and arrested one by one. We’ll never get them all, but hopefully we’ll get enough … Continue reading

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MAGAT Infestation

Our once great democracy has been overrun by MAGA Thugs (MAGAT’s).  MAGAT’s have nothing but contempt for the United States of America.  They despise democracy and the rule of law.  They have zero respect for the rights of their fellow … Continue reading

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SAO: Watch dog or trained poodle?

The Isaac Archer bubba-mess got me thinking a lot about the state attorneys office (SAO).  How do they decide who they target with an investigation?  And who they let slide?  Why don’t they do more to protect the Keys community … Continue reading

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Updated Connecting the Dots Page

The bubba diagram is an ongoing project.  You can check out recent updates here.

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Limits for Bubbas?

Limit setting.  I’m a fan. The Monroe County School District?  Meh, not so much.  You can find the whole sordid tale here and here.  Bottom line is that wee-bubba, Isaac Archer, who committed a serious violent  crime against a fellow student, … Continue reading

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What About Shady Bob?

Remember that movie, “What About Bob“?  In the Keys, you have your own Bob driving you crazy – Shady Bob.  Bob Shillinger, the County Attorney. As an attorney, Shady Bob has a certain amount of exposure that the other rummy-dums … Continue reading

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