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Weird Politics

Alabama, I owe you an apology.  I just assumed you were going to send a child molester to the United States senate.  I didn’t even pay much attention to all the analysis and debate.  I figured it was pointless because … Continue reading

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Hurricane Debris Staging Areas

  Hurricane debris is still a major issue in the Florida Keys.  The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held a special meeting on November 29, which was attended by an angry mob.  If you weren’t there, watch the … Continue reading

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FKSPCA Tax Returns

The Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) just received a humongous windfall from the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) courtesy of the taxpayers.  Since these folks are so eager to dig around in our pockets, … Continue reading

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Animal Control RFP – Many Questions

What would the result of a fraudulent, corrupt competitive bidding process look like? Would you get multiple qualified bidders or only one? Would you get a fair price for services or an inflated one?  Say 70% higher than what you’re … Continue reading

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Animal Control Update – RFP Failure

Update 2:  The response from the state attorney’s office was even more underwhelming than I anticipated (and my expectations were really low, I promise).  They basically parroted back Bob Shillinger’s weak response.  No wonder the county feels free to screw … Continue reading

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Lower Keys – Local Oversight Needed

Update 2:  A thought.  If all you do all day is figure out how to game the system to benefit yourself, then how in the world will you know how to step up for the community when it really matters?  … Continue reading

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Cujoe Regional Field Report

It’s challenging to tease out the facts about the performance of the Cudjoe Regional sewer system during and after Hurricane Irma.  Here is an example of two contradictory reports in the Key West Citizen.  Unfortunately, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority … Continue reading

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Creeping On – Ethics Violations in the Media

Update3:  Goodhue’s article is back.  Maybe its temporary disappearance was just a glitch? Update2:  Hmmm…when I went to check back on the Reporter/Keynoter story all I found was a dead link.  I had a feeling the piece might disappear and/or … Continue reading

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Creeps Aplenty – More Ethics Violations

Loads more ethics violations for the county commissioners.  Looks like “Grinder-Pump-George” isn’t the only sleaze, or even the worst.  Outstanding work by Rick Boettger at the Blue Paper. There’s a great song by Lyle Lovett, “Creeps Like Me”.  It runs … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing Scam?

Update:  County staff referred my questions to Manuel Castillo, the Executive Director of the Key West Housing Authority.  Apparently, the Key West Housing Authority (KWHA) manages public housing units owned by the county?  It’s reminiscent of the county’s “partnership” with … Continue reading

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