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Creeps Aplenty – More Ethics Violations

Loads more ethics violations for the county commissioners.  Looks like “Grinder-Pump-George” isn’t the only sleaze, or even the worst.  Outstanding work by Rick Boettger at the Blue Paper. There’s a great song by Lyle Lovett, “Creeps Like Me”.  It runs … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing Scam?

Update:  County staff referred my questions to Manuel Castillo, the Executive Director of the Key West Housing Authority.  Apparently, the Key West Housing Authority (KWHA) manages public housing units owned by the county?  It’s reminiscent of the county’s “partnership” with … Continue reading

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After Irma

The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (KLWTD) seems to have made it through the storm.  From the Free Press. During Hurricane Irma, the Key Largo district was the only sewer utility whose customers never lost the ability to flush, aside … Continue reading

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About the NFL Thing…

Update:  My husband, who is very smart, pointed out that President Sunburnt-frog is probably trying to distract from his latest Obama-care repeal failure with this latest tantrum.  Also, the sunburnt-froglings are now struggling with their very own email scandals.  And … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Citizen’s Editorial

The Citizen served up an extremely hypocritical lecture urging the community “to stand up and hold our elected officials responsible for the financial harm they are inflicting on our community“.  Really?  How interesting. There are two major points to be made … Continue reading

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Catching Up With the Keys

I’ve been on a whirlwind lately.  Early summer is a busy, busy time of year.  Lots of projects, visitors, work – everything.  Haven’t had too much time to blog or keep up on Keys stuff.  But I did have a … Continue reading

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Right Message, Wrong Messenger

The Keynoter/Reporter has an editorial up about the dangers faced by journalists these days.  Greg “the body slammer” Gianforte immediately springs to mind.  The editorial isn’t wrong, but are the folks at the Keynoter/Reporter really the right ones to deliver … Continue reading

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FKAA Follies – All Talk, No Action

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) responded to my public records request.  Their follow-up on the Dean residency issue was underwhelming to say the least.  I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one.  Basically, the FKAA sent the letter and investigative report to … Continue reading

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Bob Dean: Another Follow-up

I’ve been circling back to some dormant issues lately.  One of those is Bob Dean’s apparent violation of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s (FKAA) rules regarding residency requirements.  Simply put, board members are supposed to live in the district which … Continue reading

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One Down, Two to Go

In this post, I talked about three questions I posed to Monroe County and the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA).  I asked the FKAA board about the status of Bob Dean’s residency issue.  No response.  I’ll try again.  Only this time … Continue reading

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