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Updated Connecting the Dots Page

The bubba diagram is an ongoing project.  You can check out recent updates here. Advertisements

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Limits for Bubbas?

Limit setting.  I’m a fan. The Monroe County School District?  Meh, not so much.  You can find the whole sordid tale here and here.  Bottom line is that wee-bubba, Isaac Archer, who committed a serious violent  crime against a fellow student, … Continue reading

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What About Shady Bob?

Remember that movie, “What About Bob“?  In the Keys, you have your own Bob driving you crazy – Shady Bob.  Bob Shillinger, the County Attorney. As an attorney, Shady Bob has a certain amount of exposure that the other rummy-dums … Continue reading

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Sewer Sanity? Nope.

Awwww…remember when I wrote this? The Florida Keys Free Press reported that the $3 million in state money recently received by the District could finally be used to provide financial relief to the ratepayers as was originally intended.  I hoped … Continue reading

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Silent But Deadly Has a Challenger!

I saw some excellent news in the corrupt local government propaganda rag, otherwise known as the Key West Citizen.  A candidate has filed to run against David Rice! Of course, you can’t believe everything you read in the Citizen.  After … Continue reading

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Closing the Loop on the Animal Control Rip-off

Monroe County has more or less conceded that there is no justification for the astronomical $175,000 price increase we’ve been forced to pay the Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) to run the Marathon shelter.  … Continue reading

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Keynoter/Reporter Circling the Drain?

I saw this story in the Keynoter/Reporter misinformation rag.  Standard Keys skulduggery – newsworthy but not all that surprising.  Hell, our government officials do worse on a regular basis and nobody gives a damn. Anyway, here was the most interesting … Continue reading

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Shady Bob’s Public Records Game

Update2:  That little Brian Bradley fellow got back to me..  Turns out the county doesn’t have the audited financials from SUFA and SHARK.  That’s about what I expected.  Fortunately, I found other information sources, which tend to support the idea … Continue reading

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Keys Media Hellscape

The Blue Paper was the only news source in the Keys that did any sort of investigative reporting.  Its future is uncertain at this point, but hopefully it will live on in some form.  The Citizens of the Keys need … Continue reading

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The Swap Agreement and the Skunk Ape

Monroe County made it’s third $1 million payment to the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District.  As usual, it’s an occasion for distortion and spin. I corrected Cammy Clark’s work below.  My revisions are in red.  Here’s a link to the … Continue reading

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