Millage Rates

The property appraiser has provided some very helpful reports about millage rates on its website.  Here are some links:  2012, 2013, 2014.  One of the first things you might notice is that millage rates in the incorporated areas tend to be lower than those in the unincorporated areas.  The prevailing logic is that a larger government unit will operate more efficiently than a smaller one, resulting in lower taxes.  That does not seem to be the case with ad valorem taxes in the Florida Keys.  The unincorporated areas have some of the highest millage rates in the county.

I’ve taken the property appraiser’s report and put it in order from the lowest millage rate to the highest.  Millage rates are lowest for Big Cypress and the Everglades.  No surprise there.  Ocean Reef and Key Largo are the next lowest because they have their own volunteer fire departments.  Most of the incorporated areas come next, followed by the remaining unincorporated areas.  Tiny Layton pays the the highest millage rate in the county.

The reports with the millage rates in order from lowest to highest are provided here:

Millage2014_low to high, Millage2013_low to high, Millage2012_low to high

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