Real Poop Reads the Papers and Chuckles

Update:  Oh noooo!  The outstanding YouTube video I  originally linked to is gone.  Drat.  It was one of the funniest things on the internet.  Ah well.  I’m on the hunt for a decent substitute.

John Prosser’s letter to the editor was also published on, and there are some interesting comments.  There’s one comment about substituting incinolets for the central sewer system.  An incinolet burns the waste right there in the toilet.  It’s typically used in very remote areas.  My family owns an isolated property in Canada, and we actually considered buying an incinolet until we came across this hilarious YouTube video.  Watch all the way to the end.  Then imagine 8,000 or so incinolets  burning poop every day throughout the Lower Keys.

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