Swap Agreement Follow-up

I have zero confidence in the county’s willingness or ability to follow through on any action that may relieve the extremely unfair wastewater funding disparity that they have imposed on their taxpayers in Key Largo.  I have good reason to feel that way given the county’s history of denial and deception, deception, deception, and more deception.

The one way out of this mess right now is the swap agreement.  And I’ve only seen negative signs from the county regarding that.  There is the unresolved shadiness surrounding paragraph 16 of the agreement.  Also comments were made to the press that seemed to suggest that the county was setting the stage to renege.  With all that in mind, I thought it might be wise to follow-up.  I’ve provided a link to the resulting email chain below.  The grudging responses do little to inspire confidence.  Even so, it looks like there might be some movement.

Swap Agreement Follow-up

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