KeysNet and Blue Paper All Over It

I submitted a letter to the editor that was published on KeysNet and the Blue Paper.  Of course, I am very happy about that.  I hope the disparity issue will gain some traction.

Even better, they are both looking into suspicions about the residency of another Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) board member – links here and here.  This time its none other than Chairman Robert Dean.  Not only is there a possible residency issue, there’s a potential voter fraud issue.  At this point, it seems apparent that the funding disparity issue, the various Cudjoe Regional issues and the general corruption issues at FKAA are all related.

Good job, Blue Paper and KeysNet (Key Noter).  This taxpayer is very grateful for your continued efforts.  I expect we will all be finding out a lot more in coming months.

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