Cudjoe Documents

I submitted a public records request to the county about the Cudjoe Regional project.  Why the county?  Why not the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority?  The county is the entity 100% responsible for funding the project.  If the county is providing diligent oversight, the documents I requested (or similar) should be readily available.  In the case of Gianetti, the schedule of values should match the bid tab.  Layne’s design-build contract did not spell out quantities, but the schedule of values should.  And the dollar amount on the schedule of values should tie to the bid tabulation.  From there, the applications for payment should show a logical progression when compared to project progress and approved change orders.

No response yet.  Not even to say they’re working on it.  The silence is deafening.  I’ll give it a few more days.  If I haven’t heard anything I’ll try again.  If I still don’t hear I’ll take it where I need to take it.

Here’s a link to the email:  Gmail – public records request.  Should be an easy and straightforward request to fulfill.  Theoretically.

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