It’s Blue Paper Friday!

Update:  Scroll down to the first comment by “Colby”.  Interesting stuff about Dean’s first stint on the FKAA board.  According to this, Dean represented District 1 from 1986-2001.  He was not reappointed in 2002.  The next opening that came up was District 3 in 2005.  He did manage to get himself appointed that time.  Colby’s comment is also posted to the KeysNet article.

There’s another good article in the Blue Paper today:  State Attorney Challenges FKAA Chairman’s Right To Vote In Key West Elections.

The thing I really like about the Blue Paper is that they always give plenty of background.  They provide much-needed context and they provide links to their source material.  The other sources report the issues as series of isolated incidents.  To read the Citizen, for example, you wouldn’t know that Dean’s residency has been an issue for years.  Knowing this has been a controversial issue for some time makes it harder to dismiss as a simple mistake.  It begins to look more like a willful attempt to circumvent the rules.

I don’t know where all this will lead.  Perhaps, it’s an opportunity for positive, lasting change.  The citizens and the voters have made their wishes very clear.  They want the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) to be governed by an elected board.  They want a voice.  They want openness and transparency.  That wish has twice been overruled by the state.  Why?  I don’t know.

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