I Can’t Help Myself

I wrote an email to Commissioner Murphy and copied the other commissioners.  I very much doubt I’ll get a response.  They like to put their bullshit out there and just let it circulate.  Then it just seems to coat everyone’s brain cells.  Ewww.  Not a pretty picture, is it?

Even so, I think it’s good to let them know they will be called on it somehow, someway.  Murphy’s comments in the newspaper make her seem pretty bold in her dishonesty though.  She might be the type who’s willing to ride her lies over a cliff.  I thought she was better than that.  Oh well, I lost the capacity to be disappointed by these people long ago.

Anyhow, here’s the text of that email.

Dear Commissioner Murphy,

You made some comments in this morning’s newspaper article, “Majeska files to run for Murphy’s seat” that I can only characterize as “interesting”. I’m wondering if you might be kind enough to clarify a few of your statements.

Regarding the well-documented wastewater funding disparity, you said:

“We are not up here paying one bit more than the people down the road, even though their assessment is lower.”

That statement is obviously self-contradictory. But then you follow it up by saying:

“Over a period of two or three years, yes, everyone gets treated equally. But, say, within six months, no, they do not. But everybody gets a fair shake.”

Key Largo has been paying higher assessments since 2006. They have also been paying for their project out of rates as well. I raised the issue four years ago. My predecessor, Chuck Fishburn, brought it up before that. So how can you say that the disparity issue will be resolved over a period of two or three years. It’s been going on for almost ten years already.

This is a major pocketbook issue for Key Largo. Key Largo is not a high income area like Key Haven or Cudjoe Key, which have been heavily subsidized by Monroe County. Key Largo is also the second largest contributor of the infrastructure sales tax next to Key West. The county has imposed an excessive financial burden on Key Largo businesses through its unfair funding policies. So even if you don’t care about basic fairness, how is this sound financial policy?

Thank you,


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