Gasification and Light Rail

amtrak-363669__180There’s an article at KeysNews about Monroe County’s contract with Energy3 to dispose of yard waste.  Energy3 plans to build a gasification plant in Miami.

Gasification is a promising technology.  It was used in Sanford to process wastewater sludge for years – generating electricity in the process.  Unfortunately, the owner-operator of the gasification equipment, Maxwest Environmental Systems, filed for bankruptcy last year.

According to the article, Monroe County, is simply paying Energy3 to dispose of yard waste.  The taxpayers have no exposure here.  Hopefully, this will be a successful venture for Energy3.

Monroe County commissioner, Heather Carruthers, is pushing for light rail.  There’s no harm in looking into it I suppose.  I just get nervous when the county gets anywhere near large capital projects.

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