BOCC Budget Meetings

New Monroe County Logo

This was my entry for the logo contest.  Never did find out who won.

The agenda packet for the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) July 18 budget meeting is up.  There’s very little in the way of back-up documentation.

Here’s a rundown of the items:

A.  Approval of agenda – no back-up needed.

B.  FY 2017 budget presentation – no back-up provided.  They should have something for the public here.  There’s nothing.

C.  FY 2017 budget requests – no back-up.  Again there should be something.  A summary, anything.

D.  Employee services – plenty of back-up.  In fact, I’d say this item is swamped with back-up.  Not complaining.  Better that than the alternative.  But if they can provide such exhaustive documentation for this item, why can’t they provide basic documentation for the other items?

E.  Capital projects – no back-up.  There absolutely should be back-up provided.  Capital projects are where massive amounts of waste occurs.  This is something the taxpayers need to monitor closely.  And the county, in my opinion, is obligated to give them the tools to do that.  Of course, that’s the last thing the county wants to do.

F.  Office of Management and Budget – cover sheet only.  This is a very interesting one.  The cover sheet provided is not informative.  It has to do with the Big Coppitt wastewater project, the Duck Key wastewater project and the Card Sound bridge project.  I’d like to know more about it.  When it comes to capital projects, especially the wastewater projects, budget overruns and wasteful spending are the norm.  Citizens need the tools to monitor this stuff.

G. Announcement of millage rates and public budget hearings – no back-up.

The budget meetings are happening on July 18 and 19.  The videos should be up in next day or two after that.  I’ll be watching.

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