Disappearing Comments

carruthers campaign posterHmmm…it looks like Heather Carruthers has deleted some (all?) of my comments to her posts on her Facebook page.  I guess she doesn’t much care for my question-asking and fact-finding.  My questions regarding the Florida Keys Stewardship seem to be gone.  Only Carruthers’s reply is still there.

Now if this were a personal Facebook page, she would have every right to do that.  In fact, I would consider it a cyber-foul on my part to post comments related to official business on her personal Facebook page.  Especially critical ones.  I would not do that.  That’s intrusive.  However, this particular Facebook page is dedicated to county business.  It is identified as County Commissioner Heather Carruthers’s page.  So I would think related comments and questions would be welcome.

In addition to scrubbing existing comments, it looks like Carruthers has turned off all commenting.  Lol.  That’s interesting.  I don’t comment very frequently.  I wonder if somebody else has been posting uncomfortable questions, too.

I’m no social media genius but I’m sure there’s a work-around.  Maybe I could share Carruthers’s posts to the Real Poop Facebook page and comment there.  Not as good as commenting directly, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Gee, I wonder why a “dedicated” public servant like Heather Carruthers wouldn’t want input from the public?  Maybe it has to do with this, or maybe it’s this.  Who knows?

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