Sewer District Turmoil

question-mark-1183408__340Turmoil at the sewer district continues.  Here’s a link to what I posted before.

Drama always seems to erupt when somebody starts asking questions.  Here’s a bit about the discussion at the last meeting.

Tobin said Asdourian’s recommendation would impede fact-gathering.

“What you are suggesting is that … all commissioners now have to go through the manager [Paul Christian], which is exactly what Paul wants. That’s how you control information,” he said. “Because somebody feels intimidated, we should change our practices, our policies? … I think this whole thing was completely manufactured as payback because I questioned Rob’s salary.”

Tobin’s been on the board for fourteen years.  His question-asking and fact-finding has never been problematic.  There are commissioners who have inappropriately meddled in personnel matters.  Tobin is not one of them.

I liked what Tobin had to say at the end of the article.

When asked how the tension amongst the commissioners could be resolved — similar flare-ups at board meetings have occurred for more than a year — Tobin paused and said, “I don’t think that’s really the point. You don’t get to a resolution when you have a group of people who have their own way of doing things. We are accomplishing our mission.”

Good point.  The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) gives the appearance of seamless harmony, but they also run the most dysfunctional government in the Keys.  Playing kissy-face at meetings doesn’t translate into effective government.  A certain amount of argument and debate is healthy.  Although I don’t think the District is necessarily healthy right now.

There is definitely an ongoing effort to suppress information.  That’s really what the conflict on the board is all about.  I suppose Tobin could “resolve” the tension by simply backing down.  But is that in the best interest of the ratepayers?

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