Oceanside/Ocean’s Edge – Document Tracking

directory-1187128_1280I don’t know much about Monroe County’s Land Use regulations.  Never really wanted to know to tell you the truth.  But the Oceanside/Ocean’s Edge situation has a scandalous tinge to it.  So I’m digging into the documents and trying to educate myself.

You see, Keys politicians have declared that we are in the midst of an affordable housing CRISIS!!!  Yet somehow Ocean’s Edge, a self-described development of 175-guest rooms and suites, has recently been completed in Stock Island.  I don’t understand how approval of this development is consistent with resolving the CRISIS!!!  But I’d like to.  The Blue Paper has done a great job tracking this issue, but even with their straightforward reporting I’m still having trouble following.

I started putting together this tracking spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the documents, which can be found on the Clerk’s website.

Next step is putting together a map.  (I love maps!)  What’s especially interesting is the role of the Hickory House in all the Ocean’s Edge shenanigans.  As you might recall, the Hickory House was proposed as a possible site for a community center serving Stock Island.  The BOCC preferred instead to build a $5 million Taj-Mahal at Bernstein Park despite concerns over the cost and the loss of green space.  They sold the Hickory House to Pritam Singh for a $1.1 million loss after rejecting offers from several other buyers.  (Probably another worthy research project.)

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