How About Some Good News?


I know I use this picture a lot.  I just like it.

I’m pretty sure I write one of the most depressing blogs on the internet.  It’s all about local government insanity that seems to get worse and worse every day.  Sorry about that.  Governments in Monroe County don’t give me a whole lot of positive to work with most of the time.  Unfortunately.

Well, I’ve got some good news for a change.  I took a look at the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District’s agenda.  It actually has substantive issues on it.  No, they’re not tweaking the language of the grievance policy.  Again.  No, they’re not fighting to extract information from staff.  Again.  No, they’re not finagling the numbers related to the Cross Key project.  Again.  The board waved their magic wand and “poof”, we’ve suddenly got forward motion.

The most interesting items up for discussion include…

  1.  The General Manager’s job description.  It’s well done.  The board is clearly looking for someone with solid technical expertise in the field, someone who is willing and able to look to the future.
  2. There’s a nice, detailed report about federal funding.  This is the funding source the county tried to interfere with a few years back.  It took a long time to fix what the county broke.  It looks like things are still on track.  Phew!
  3. There’s a very intriguing item about managing files.  This is especially important for a public entity like the District, which needs to meet the requirements of Florida’s Sunshine Law.

There was also a nice article about the District’s wastewater treatment plant a week or so back in the Free Press.

Looking good.


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