Lindback: Hassled out of business and property?

New Monroe County Logo2I hear from quite a few people behind the scenes, and an awful lot of them tell me stories about being hassled out of business by Monroe County government or the City of Key West.  It’s hard to verify most of this, but I’m inclined to believe these folks because I know how the county operates.  They’re as sleazy as it gets.  They love bullying people and they love going on the attack.  They’ve already demonstrated that they’re more than happy to crap all over their taxpayers just because they can.  Why not roll over a few business owners, too?

Anyhow, I saw this very interesting story in the Keynoter/Reporter.  Here’s the Citizen’s version.  The Citizen pretty much based its entire story on a statement issued by Cammy Clark.  Ms. Clark is the County’s “public information officer”, and she’s already been caught in at least one egregious and stunningly evil lie.  Since I don’t consider Clark or the Citizen very credible, I’m going to rely on the Keynoter/Reporter’s story.  Besides, unlike the Citizen, the Keynoter went to the trouble of getting both sides of the story.  Imagine that!

Here’s the crux of the matter.

In a code violation case going back almost a decade, a Key Largo solid waste and recycling company faces up to more than $1 million in Monroe County-issued fines following a judge’s ruling late last month.

Once again, county legal staff have climbed up on their high horse.  Remember, when they went after those haters of efficient, cost-effective designs?  Lol.

“The county is very pleased with the final judgment that will end Magnolia 101’s brazen disregard for the rules that protect native habitat,” Assistant County Attorney Peter Morris said in a prepared statement. “Foreclosure on a property is an extreme remedy that the County prefers to use only after exhausting all other avenues of pursuing compliance.”

Brazen disregard, eh?  Well, it turns out I know exactly what property this is.  It’s next door to the Key Largo Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority maintenance facility, and Monroe County’s recycling facility.

If you look at the aerials on Google Earth, it sure looks like Monroe County’s facility is guilty of the very same “brazen disregard”.  In fact, it looks like they’re still guilty.  The 2004 map shows they cleared out beyond their property line, into the unimproved right-of-way, and onto state conservation land.  While it looks like they eventually cleaned up the damage they did to the conservation land, they’ve still got the unimproved right-of-way torn up.  Tree-hating monsters!!!  Fine them!  Put them out of business!  Take their land!

Here are the images including my commentary.  As always I don’t expect you take my word for it.  You can check it out yourself on Google Earth.  Just turn on the Historical Imagery option under “View”.

Oh by the way, something worth noting:  A couple of waste management companies donated generously to Kevin Madok’s campaign.  If the county does sell Mr. Lindback’s property out from under him, it’ll be interesting to see who winds up with it.




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  1. Robert Krutko, Paul Goodwin, Bruce Shmitt, and others…they seem to have profected crime…


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