Hurricane Debris Staging Areas


Hurricane debris is still a major issue in the Florida Keys.  The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held a special meeting on November 29, which was attended by an angry mob.  If you weren’t there, watch the video!  Heather Carruthers pretended to almost fake-cry.

I asked Kevin Wilson, Assistant Monroe County Administrator, to provide the locations of the debris storage sites.  Here’s a link to that.

I took the list and mapped it as best I could.  Be warned – it’s a work in progress.  One major open outstanding item is to figure out which sites are still in use.  Kevin partially answered that question.  See here.


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2 Responses to Hurricane Debris Staging Areas

  1. S says:

    Harry Harris Park is closed indefinitely except for derelict boats. The county hasn’t even cleaned inside the gates. The neighborhood was improving greatly, but are forgotten since the storm.


    • M_Blank says:

      Too bad. My understanding is that Monroe County in particular is struggling with hurricane debris. I’m told Islamorada and Marathon have got it under control. At the 11/29 BOCC meeting, commenters spoke about idle trucks. In his email Kevin Wilson said that Rowells Marina was no longer being used to store debris. Why close Harry Harris when they have Rowells?


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