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Thoughtful Letter About the Sin Tax

I saw a letter in the Citizen ( supporting the “sin tax” today.  It was written in response to an earlier editorial, which was skeptical about the “sin tax”. Let me start by saying it’s only right and proper to look … Continue reading

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Great Idea – Upper Keys Community Resource Council

Saw this story in the Free Press.  Several groups have come together to help people who are struggling in the Upper Keys. Patrice Schwermer is the co-chair of the Upper Keys Community Resource Council (UKCRC).  She explained the group’s mission as … Continue reading

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HSAB and the “Sin” Tax

Comm. Carruthers’s Emergency Services Surtax (ESS) has been well documented on this blog.  The county made a number of statements about this proposal that turned out to be false.  When asked to substantiate their claims, county staff largely failed to do … Continue reading

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Human Services – Where Does All the Money Go?

Funny.  I was just starting to look into all the non-profits funded by the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB), and this story popped up on KeysNet.  Unfortunately, two executives at the Rural Health Network (RHN), which is partially funded by … Continue reading

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Monroe County Budget Hearing Agenda

I’m taking a few days off to tend to some family stuff.  Everyone’s okay.  Just lending a hand.  I might post a few short things here and there. I checked out the agenda for today’s budget meeting.  It includes a survey, … Continue reading

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Emergency Services Surtax and Human Services

Comm. Carruthers tried to cloak her self-serving Emergency Services Surtax (ESS) proposal in some appealing promises to get people to bite.  That proposal is supposedly dead for now.  But from Carruthers’s point of view, its too good to stay dead for long.  I have … Continue reading

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