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Limits for Bubbas?

Limit setting.  I’m a fan. The Monroe County School District?  Meh, not so much.  You can find the whole sordid tale here and here.  Bottom line is that wee-bubba, Isaac Archer, who committed a serious violent  crime against a fellow student, … Continue reading

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Spin Disease Is Spreading

There’s a good editorial on  School District doesn’t need a spin doctor. I think any government agency can use the services of a good Public Information Officer (PIO).  Educating the public.  Disseminating accurate information.  Counter-acting misinformation.  Making sure public … Continue reading

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Hoo Boy! School District

Lots and lots of ink about the school district this week.  As we know, $20,000 went missing from the Horace O’ Bryant Early Learning Center.  Obviously, that is not good.  But the way the matter was handled made things exponentially … Continue reading

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Kathy Reiztel – Whistleblower

Update:  The Blue Paper’s story includes a link to Reitzel’s affidavit.  Warning:  it is awful.  If this is what people go through when they report wrong-doing, it’s no surprise the school district still has problems. Terrific story in the Blue Paper … Continue reading

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School Board and FKAA

The School Board (Key West Citizen) was the first out with a story about Tuesday’s school board meeting.  I have to say, I’m no more enlightened than I was before.

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The Silver Lining

Keys government needs a good scrubbing.  There’s no doubt about that.  What’s happening at the school district right now is incredibly disheartening. Even so, there are School Board members and Audit and Finance Committee members who are expressing strong disapproval and … Continue reading

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Missing Money, State Money, Fire & Rescue

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  I sure did.  There was lots of cooking, traveling, fun, laughter and togetherness.  There’s so much to be thankful for. Now that I’m back, I’m catching up on the news.  As always, there’s lots going on.

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Acevedo – More From the Public

There are a couple more letters from the public about the Acevedo situation. Here’s one from Kay Thacker, who asks: Why would Monroe County School Board members even consider Randy Acevedo for this position as an assistant football coach at … Continue reading

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Real Poop Reads the Papers – Acevedo

I’m pretty well caught up on my Keys news after a week or two off.  This editorial about Randy Acevedo on is the last one I wanted to discuss.  I like it because it’s a little more nuanced than the usual discussion … Continue reading

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