Interlocal Financial Analysis

I really want to know how exactly the interlocal with the county will benefit the District’s ratepayers so I asked for a financial analysis.  See a link to the District’s response below.  It’s a really formal, bureaucratic way of saying, “We don’t have one”.  Yikes.  The county estimates that the deal will save them $5.5 million.  Terrific.  What about Key Largo?

MBlank Request

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2 Responses to Interlocal Financial Analysis

  1. Marty says:

    Try requesting something like “Any and all analyses in any way related to the financial implications of (insert language defining the Interlocal with the County) to the District, including projected benefits, positive and/or negative financial consequences, and the projected timeline for such benefits and financial consequences.” Your request was too specific and easily denied for lack of definition by the District.


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