Upper Keys Animal Shelter on BOCC Agenda

cat-278187_1920There’s another article about the Upper Keys animal shelter in the Free Press this morning.  It turns out the shelter’s contract is on the BOCC’s May 20th agenda.  The article rehashes the differing euthanasia rates among the three animal shelters.  The Upper Keys shelter has a rate far higher than the other two shelters, and a funding level that is far lower.  I’ve already discussed that here.

A letter written to the county from the shelter mentions that the share of funding for the Upper Keys shelter has decreased from 37% to 24%.  But is that what is most important here?  There has been very little discussion of why the euthanasia rate is so much higher and what can be done to reduce it.  There has been absolutely no discussion of why the funding level for the Upper Keys shelter is so much lower than the other two.  What role might that play in the outcome for the animals?

I’ve contacted each of the county commissioners by email to let them know that I am very concerned about this issue.  I hope that other animal lovers in the Keys will do the same, especially those in the Upper Keys.

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