It Might Not Be All That Bad For Marathon

I was scanning to see what’s new and I saw this letter about the City of Marathon:  In Marathon, priorities for capital projects are out of whack.  The letter writer is of the opinion that fixing the sewer system should be higher on the priority list than a community pool.  I would certainly agree.

The good news is that the repairs needed in Marathon might not be all that extensive.  When I read over the warning letter from FDEP, I’m not seeing anything that strikes me as a big-ticket item except for replacing the membranes.  They could run into some money there, but it is a normal maintenance item.  Presumably, hopefully, money has been set aside.  There’s some concrete repair needed and repairs to the SCADA system.  They’ve got some lapsed permits.  Again that’s a scheduled item that just wasn’t done for some reason.  The letter also requires the city to evaluate their collection system.  Incident reports suggest that the problems in the collection system may be due to issues occurring on private property.  The city is not liable for repairs on a private system.  Here’s a link to the warning letter:  City of Marathon Areas 3, 4, and 5 Warning Letter Issued 7-13-15.

The state approved $17 million in sewer money for Marathon last year.  That should become available this fall.  If it turns out that extensive repairs are required, perhaps state money can be used to offset the local contribution.  Marathon has an additional $17 million or so coming if it is approved by the legislature in the coming years.

Maybe things aren’t so bad.  I guess we’ll see what the new city manager and the operations manager have to say.

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