Update on Greg Veliz and Danny Kolhage

Update 2:  The Kolhage involved in this particular situation might be Daniel Kolhage (former City of Key West commissioner) rather than Danny Kolhage (current Monroe County commissioner).  It’s hard to say.  Research ongoing.

Update:  Looks like Greg and Danny got into some trouble for not collecting sales tax.

You can submit a public records request to the City of Key West from their website.  It’s really handy.  You submit your request and they send you a reference number.  Then you can log in periodically and check up on it – sort of like tracking a UPS package.

Anyhow, I asked for Greg Veliz’s job application and resume.  I wanted to verify what I read about him working for one of Danny Kolhage’s companies, Kolfin Corporation.  The city sent the documents right away and sure enough, there it is.  Kolhage also provided a reference and so did Richard Toppino.

The same names just keep popping up.

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