More About Greg and Danny

Update:  It’s not entirely clear whether it’s Danny Kolhage or Dan Kolhage who’s involved here.  My understanding is that Dan is the son of Danny.  Danny is the former Clerk and current county commissioner.  All these bubbas are so enmeshed and interconnected its hard to figure out who’s who sometimes.  Either way, bubba-system dots are connected.  Research is ongoing.

I found this document about Danny Kolhage’s Kolfin Corporation and Greg Veliz’s Tiles Etcetera, Inc.  The document says that Kolfin was doing business as Tiles Etcetera.  It turns out that Kolfin/Tiles Etcetera failed to pay sales tax.  As a result they owed almost $7,000 to the state.  The debt was eventually settled in October 2000.

I wrote more about Greg and Danny’s beautiful friendship here and here.


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