Peary Court and Affordable Housing

at-home-1001367_960_720I’ve got no horse in the Peary Court race – at least not directly.  But I have been following the issue and I have written a few posts about it.

Key West voters made the right decision here.  There were too many unanswered questions.  Too much conflicting information.  Too many unexplored options.  Peary Court supporters simply didn’t make a clear and convincing case to the public.  And the public rightly responded with a “no” vote.

We can’t ever forget that affordable housing is a Keys-wide issue and a comprehensive approach is the best way to ensure the most effective solutions.  Here is a letter from a woman in Key Largo, who is struggling to make it there.  Key Largo citizens deal with the added burden of a wastewater funding disparity that is costing them $25 million – or almost $2,000 per household.  Not only that, but Comm. Carruthers is pushing an additional sales tax that is harmful for most local residents, but especially harmful to folks in Key Largo.

The Keys success in meeting the challenge of affordable housing, or any other challenge, depends on a county government that is committed to fairness and is willing to take a fact-based approach to problem solving.  Right now, no such animal exists.

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