Another Day, Another Request

monkey on phone

Hey boss, I’m only off by 250% this time!

Update:  I followed up with the FKAA again to secure that missing bid tab from Big Coppitt.  I copied the board members this time.  I also asked the county for the “state of the county” slide show.  Taking that thing apart might be fun.

I’m very curious as to how $25 million worth of capital projects exploded into $63 million.  I wrote about the situation here and here.

I submitted a public records request for the initial estimate and the current estimate.  A responsible government entity would be able to provide detailed estimates that clearly show which line items increased and/or decreased.  Of course, I’m not dealing with a responsible government entity.  I’m dealing with Monroe County.  So I’ll see what happens.

I post about my public information requests on the blog because it seems to help the information pop out.  Plus I like to let people know what to expect when they submit a public information request.  Sometimes county staff will answer right away.  Sometimes they’ll give you the runaround.  Sometimes they’ll try to ignore you.  I find that copying the attorney on my request cuts the ignoring way  down.  So does posting about it on the blog.

As much as the county hates telling the truth, they hate it even more when they get publicly called out on their baloney.


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