Election Day Zen

zen-1515380__340Tomorrow, Monroe County voters will choose their District 5 county commissioner and they will choose which Republican candidate for Clerk of Court goes on to run in the general election.  I’m no longer a Monroe County resident so I don’t get a vote, but I know how important these offices are for the Keys-wide community.  For ten years, I had a look at the inner workings of Monroe County government.  It’s not pretty.  In fact, it’s downright ugly much of the time.

I hope the voters of Monroe County agree and want to see change as much as I do.  But I know the spin machine works relentlessly to spread misinformation, distort the issues and smear critics.  Will enough people be able to see through all that?  We won’t know until late tomorrow.

Life goes on either way, but it sure would be nice for the Keys if it went on in a positive, new direction.

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