Best Thing I’ve Read About the Recount

trump-meme2Update:  Here’s an article about regularly auditing election results.  Very sensible, no matter where you stand politically.  It’s a little surprising we don’t already do this.

How you feel about Jill Stein’s request for a recount probably depends on which party you’re affiliated with.  If you’re a Democrat or a Green, you’re probably all for it.  If you’re a Republican, you’re probably 100% opposed.

But what if you’re an independent like me?  Or what if you’re someone who simply puts country above party affiliation no matter what it says on your voter card?  If you fall into one of these groups, I think you’ll like this write-up from the Fiscal Times, which lays out why the recount is a good idea.  No matter how it turns out.  No matter which party you’re affiliated with, if any.

I find it weird that Trump is crying and tweeting and waving his tiny, little hands around about this recount.  He’s the one who raised the specter of “rigged” elections in the first place.  (In fact, here he goes again.)  Add that to email hacking, fake news, Russian interference, Comey’s impeccable timing, and Trump’s own failure to win the popular vote by 2.5 million; and there’s plenty of reason for people to be skeptical of the election results.

Wouldn’t a recount put some of that to bed?  Trump’s already starting out under a cloud.  Why not clear it up to the extent possible?  It only enhances his credibility and ability to lead.  Both of which are sorely lacking.  The recount could help restore people’s confidence in the system to some extent.

I still think Trump is completely unfit to lead this great nation.  But plenty of people disagree with me.  It is what it is.  It’s unlikely that the electoral college will act as the safety valve it was meant to be.  The recounts aren’t likely to change anything either.  For now, we’re stuck with Grumpy Trumpy waving his petite, micro-hands to and fro.  If we’re really lucky, maybe he’ll find time to run the country in between Twitter tantrums.  Then again, maybe it’s better if he doesn’t.  Or maybe he’ll surprise me.

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