Change at the District

The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (District) board declined to renew the general manager’s contract at tonight’s meeting.

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2 Responses to Change at the District

  1. Steve gibbs says:

    Two commissioners did not drink the Koolaide — Chairman Asdourian and Steve Gibbs. The “Gang of Three” want to run the show and could not manipulate GM Paul Christian. Let’s see where this goes.


    • M_Blank says:

      You and I disagree on which direction the manipulation is coming from. Ask yourself why you haven’t seen a plan for financial relief in two years. Or an asset management plan. And here’s a painful one: the District is paying the salaries, but are they getting the qualifications? Compare. Be honest.

      Check yourself. You implied that the swap agreement was responsible for $30 million in debt reduction. Yet the District only received $1 million from swap so far. Vast majority came from District ratepayers. If anyone deserves credit, they do.

      Tell the truth. Don’t allow it to get sidetracked by interpersonal drama. Please. People counting on you.

      Expecting truthful answers is not the same as “manipulating”. Should be bottom line requirement. Whether you agree with another commissioner or not, you should always support their right to straight answers. Next time it could be you on the other side of the rudeness/stonewalling. You would want the other commissioners to have your back. Even if they don’t agree with you on a given issue.

      Thanks and good luck.


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