Right Message, Wrong Messenger


The Keynoter/Reporter has an editorial up about the dangers faced by journalists these days.  Greg “the body slammer” Gianforte immediately springs to mind.  The editorial isn’t wrong, but are the folks at the Keynoter/Reporter really the right ones to deliver this message?

Let’s face it, the meek, timid bunnies at the Keynoter are as safe in their cozy, little dens as they can possibly be.  They might take a swipe at low-hanging fruit or pile on somebody who’s already been targeted, but they will never risk ruffling feathers by asking tough questions when it really counts.  I left a comment pretty much saying that.

Funny enough – it looks like they’re up for an award for prettiest website or something.  Nothing wrong with “pretty”, but informative would be great.  Just sayin’.

Unfortunately, the Keynoter/Reporter isn’t even the worst news outlet in the Keys.  That “honor” would go to the Citizen, a publication which passes on lies to the public even after being called on it.  Here’s an item about one of their more blatant deceptions.  (Be warned – you have to scroll past my Trump rant.)  The Citizen is ballsy at least – but not in a good way.

Here’s a really good piece on the topic of sickly Keys media.  It’s at the Blue Paper, of course, the only reliable news outlet in the Keys.

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