Silent But Deadly Has a Challenger!

DavidRice_campaignposterI saw some excellent news in the corrupt local government propaganda rag, otherwise known as the Key West Citizen.  A candidate has filed to run against David Rice!

Of course, you can’t believe everything you read in the Citizen.  After all, they’re not really a newspaper.  They are a sleazy marketing operation and Monroe County is their biggest client.  They are so untrustworthy you have to verify everything they say – I mean everything.  Seriously.  Every…g__damn…thing.  If they told me grass is green, I’d go outside and check.

That being said, I went over to the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections website.  Sure enough David Rice has a challenger!  Vicki Tashjian.  I don’t know who she is.  She might be great.  She might be Satan.  Either way, she’s not David Rice!  That puts her way ahead in my book.

David Rice has been on the Board of County Commissioners since 2002.  He took a four-year break when he attempted to run for higher office and lost.  Rice has been bedeviling the Keys for twelve years total.  Twelve long years.  Enough already.

In that twelve years, Rice has sold the taxpayers down the river to the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, spent us into a debt crater, thrown our hard-earned tax money at one budget-busting boondoggle after another, been reprimanded by the Florida Ethics Commission, misused his county-issued purchasing card, and kept the iPhone Bandit around even after a grand jury recommended termination.  This is an abysmal track record.  We’re talking about twelve years of abject failure.

Rice mostly keeps his head down and stays out of the limelight.  He doesn’t seek out adoring crowds like the Odious Sylvia Murphy or go on offense when called out on his bullsh__ like Heather Carruthers.  He doesn’t have the audacity to pretend he’s a paragon of virtue like Danny Kolhage or try to act like the adult in the room like George Neugent.  Rice is content to inflict damage quietly, without applause.

I don’t know about you, but I think Rice has done enough.  It’s long past time for him to go.

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