Closing the Loop on the Animal Control Rip-off


This is what a shakedown looks like.

Monroe County has more or less conceded that there is no justification for the astronomical $175,000 price increase we’ve been forced to pay the Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) to run the Marathon shelter.  After months of back-and-forth, including dragging the State Attorneys Office into it, the county finally admitted that they never bothered to collect documents that would have substantiated the true cost of running the shelter.

Unfortunately for them, at least some of that information can be found elsewhere, and it suggests that the cost of running the shelter is substantially less than what we’re paying FKSPCA.  The county never took basic steps to protect the taxpayers.  They set us up to be ripped off.  Why?

The whole thing started because of a very suspicious request for proposal (RFP) process.  You can catch up on the back story starting here, here and here.  Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) President, Jane Dawkins, took great exception to my question-asking.  She wrote a letter to the editor that revealed her profound ignorance and inflated sense of entitlement.  Unfortunately for Jane, the hater of questions, her letter managed to generate even more questions.  Needless to say, I was not pleased with Jane’s evasions and condescending attitude.  I believe the taxpayers deserve much better.  I responded accordingly.

I followed up with a public records request to FKSPCA.  They were not very forthcoming initially.  Neither was the county.  Understandably so.  The situation reeks of corruption.  It turns out they had no reason to worry.  Ordinarily, a situation which looks as suspicious as this would attract the attention of law enforcement.  Not in Monroe County.  In fact, the State Attorneys Office seemed anxious to make the whole thing go away.

I collected all the documents I could.  None supported the notion that $425,000 is a reasonable amount to run the Marathon shelter.  But they did support the idea that Monroe County is exceedingly careless (or corrupt?) in the administration of these contracts.  The county did not collect the documents required, nor did they do an independent check on the actual cost of running the shelter.  They simply accepted the FKSPCA’s inflated price without question.

The citizens of the Keys need to know that it doesn’t have to be like this.  There are places where government officials and law enforcement actually care about doing right by the community.  Like they are supposed to.

As if the financial shenanigans weren’t bad enough, the Blue Paper discovered that FKSPCA may not have been entirely honest about its euthanasia numbers either.  The lies just never stop.

So that’s where we are.  When it became clear that the State Attorney was determined to ignore the issue, I brought my concerns elsewhere.  I’ve done all I can do for now.  The sad part is there are several people along the way who’s job it is – actual paid job – to handle situations like this but they have all failed to do so.  Here’s  the run down.

  • Kevin Wilson, Assistant County Administrator, is responsible for administering these contracts.  The suspicious RFP and $175,000 cost escalation happened on his watch.  When asked, he was unable to provide documents to justify it.  In fact, he failed to collect several audited financial statements over the years.  Wilson is directly responsible for this situation.
  • Bob Shillinger, County Attorney, should provide oversight of legal matters including contracts and public records.  But Shady Bob doesn’t seem much interested in all that boring stuff that protects the taxpayers.  He’s more interested in providing cover for suspicious transactions and discouraging public records requests.
  • Chris Weber, Chief “Investigator” at the State Attorneys Office, wasn’t the least bit curious about the suspicious RFP.  Nor was he at all concerned about the county stonewalling my public records requests.  Pretty weird for a law enforcement official.  He seemed more worried about his cozy relationship with Shady Bob than about the taxpayers.
  • Dennis Ward, Monroe County State Attorney, was copied on several emails regarding this matter.  Nothing.  It seems the SAO is desperate to sit tight until all this blows over.
  • State Representative, Holly Raschein.  There was a recent corruption scandal in Brevard County.  But things are a whole lot different up there than they are in the Keys.  Their state rep jumped in to condemn shady behavior.  I guess Raschein is too busy?  Or something?

That’s where it stands for now.  The taxpayers are out $175,000 per year under suspicious circumstances.  And nobody will do a damn thing.

I’m done looking into the $175,000 rip-off for now, but there are definitely other aspects of the animal control issue to examine:  the cost of the building, FKSPCA’s euthanasia numbers.

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1 Response to Closing the Loop on the Animal Control Rip-off

  1. I love your research. I can tell you care. Nothing personal, not a witch hunt, just a caring person. Im curious what you know about monroe county government living up in Key Largo? It dont matter, Anyhow, here’s what i know.  I did 5 yrs in the lower keys. I did it right until i quit a caretaker job controled by a very angry old navy dog died one momth later and i fought for 8 months to get an investigation. All local investigations were swept. Even aspca was refused to investigate by fkspca. That call pissed off matt royer. I pulled paperwork and discovered a 15 yr run of cats dying, coming up missing, dogs dying, coming up missing, and loud birds petitioned out of an association. Most off the same street. In month 8 of investigating, (Ray and i felt like Sherlock and Holmes) (most neighbor’s were very supportive) we understood the danger of accusing and old navy guy with a long criminal record of killing cats and dogs over a run since he moved there from Mass..can you spell psychopath? I found narwai to investigate. She called cudjoe sub station and spoke to the lt. that makes sure there is never an investigation of his criminal buddy over the years. Mine included..a sgt. wang Is the liason. A personal sgt for a decorated criminal. 2 days after the narwai call i was served a repeat violent petition where he feared for his life. I went to county court. The same freeman justice building i sound proofed with a four man crew out of ft. Lauderdale. I worked for burke at that time. I wished i wouldve bugged it for what ive found out. Judge didnt like my statement that my neighbor was sick and needed help. She took my guns, (he has 2 illegal ones..expensive semis, silencer capable) but hey, he was afraid. I turned my guns in that eve to a sherrif. We asked the sherrif, when will this end. He stated, karma. I left that night to avoid another set up. My neighbor created a license to kill me and get away with it..pretty crafty old must have taught him all the dirty lying tricks and the judge just nodded and seemed to worship him along with the sherrifs in court. Sgt jay fisher came out to see us out.  He was the sgt. I got the door key from to bring in the crew every nite a while back. So, my case is pending and very restrictive. Its been 2 yrs now. When he dies i get my guns back, and he’s sickly. But i also could be the suspect. Im awaiting another set up. Another lie to bring me to the jail to silence me, just like they did(Robert Krutko). I welcome it. Bring it. I care too. That community i lived in for three years was a toxic mess. Many peoples complaints over the years have been played crazy on the street and the sherrifs criminal rat is always believed. Bubba system 101. Thats one of the many ways they set good people up. Shortly i will put da ward on the spot. Several people in the lower keys are poking around, sick of the corruption. Lots of silent heads in the sand, too. Including one dear friend i have still there. We she leaves, i put narwai back on the case. She mass templates and demands procecution. Robery krutko, paul goodwin, randy Reid, and bruce shmitt cases show how justice is handed out down there. My dog was killed because i exposed his hate. He plays a good game, but i babysat career criminals my whole career and i know the games people play. There is no perfect crime. Old peoples minds slip up. And old mob guys never retire.  For your info only… Homer  p.s. vickery runs the fkspca. She is related to sherrif ramseys girl… I wonder if he likes dogs. I will find out shortly if D.A. likes dogs or crazy old navy guys.  The recent serial killer in C.A? startling similarities. Navy stint, police friends, cats missing, full of hate some people are. Coming time to take his mask off. Seth hopp, mcso, is in charge of the social media evidence gathering and everything you post will be used against you in the injustice system. 

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