MAGAT Infestation

Our once great democracy has been overrun by MAGA Thugs (MAGAT’s).  MAGAT’s have nothing but contempt for the United States of America.  They despise democracy and the rule of law.  They have zero respect for the rights of their fellow citizens.  They enthusiastically wipe their ass with the Constitution. 

I’ve decided to re-activate the blog for a bit to help combat the menace.

MAGAT’s run on lies. Lies are truly the black heart and corrupt soul of Trumpkinism. If you want to know how Trumpkinism operates, you only need to remember one thing.

That’s really all there is to it.

VOTER FRAUD!!! was the lie they used to justify storming the capital.

Something like 60 out of 61 of Trump’s voter fraud lawsuits have died in court due to lack of evidence.

When you continue to repeat debunked, evidence-free claims, YOU ARE A LIAR. And you are not to be trusted.

MAGAT’s who don’t want to be liars, don’t have to be. In fact, it’s quite easy to avoid falling into that trap. There are plenty of fact checking sites out there. Snopes is my favorite. is a good one for checking into the reliability of your news sources.

From a common sense standpoint, there’s an old adage I swear by to keep my head on straight:

If things aren’t adding up, be skeptical. Ask questions. Don’t just gulp down the Koolaid.

I’m not naive, of course. I know that MAGAT’s are as capable of fact checking as I am. They don’t do it because they don’t want to. They like all the lies. It gives them an excuse to behave like scumbags or at least support those who do.

We’re on to you, MAGAT’s.

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