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Right Message, Wrong Messenger

The Keynoter/Reporter has an editorial up about the dangers faced by journalists these days.  Greg “the body slammer” Gianforte immediately springs to mind.  The editorial isn’t wrong, but are the folks at the Keynoter/Reporter really the right ones to deliver … Continue reading

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Questions and Follow Ups

One of the many things that annoys me about the Board of County County Commissioners (BOCC) and their partner (in crime), the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA), is their tendency to shove things down the memory hole.  So I keep … Continue reading

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Money for Who?

Update:  Here’s another article from the Keynoter/Reporter.  According to this, the money will be split among the entities in accordance with the 2013 interlocal agreement – meaning that the county will not be able to funnel it all to their … Continue reading

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That Time of Year: Animal Control

The Key West Citizen repeated its annual dive into county-funded animal shelter statistics.  Although I often find problems with the Citizen’s reporting, I really appreciate that they do this.  It gives taxpayers a concrete idea of what’s going on with a … Continue reading

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County Capital Project Costs Out of Control

Sigh.  From the  County capital-project costs skyrocket by $38 million. This is what happens when you’re allergic to math and to reality in general.  Remember that thing I said about capital projects.  It’s true!  It’s really, really true. Capital … Continue reading

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Monroe County – Allergic to Math

Update:  Received this follow-up from Comm. Neugent about improved collections for emergency service.  I think this is great.  I support anything the county can do to improve things financially.  I’ll present everything I get in the interest of providing a clear, complete … Continue reading

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The Friday Papers

I’m a bit tardy, but I did read Friday’s Blue Paper.  As always there are quite a few items of interest. Affordable Housing Public Form:  This is hosted by the Democratic Party, and contains this very intelligent statement. Missing has been a … Continue reading

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Emergency Services Surtax – Property Taxes

The Emergency Services Surtax (ESS) is shady right out of the gate.  Immediately it’s being justified with some very questionable claims.  That alone makes me very suspicious. Monroe County’s fire service is much more expensive than any other entity in the Keys. Why?  And … Continue reading

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Peary Court Mind Bender

Saw this in the paper this morning:  City staff: Wait on seeking Peary Court lender. So Key West voters are supposed to vote on purchasing Peary Court without having any idea what the terms of the loan are? Really??? So … Continue reading

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FINALLY!!! Real Money to Address Wastewater Funding Disparity

I just saw this very exciting item on  After a vague attempt to renege and tons of other nonsense, Monroe County has finally made it’s first million dollar payment to the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (District).  I hate to … Continue reading

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