Murphy – Not Done With Us Yet

New Monroe County Logo2Hmmm….looks like Sylvia Murphy has decided to run again.  That’s unfortunate.

Her ten year run has been a disaster.  She’s completely failed to look out for her own District, and when asked about that she lies.  She’s seen to it that her constituents unjustifiably pay more for their sewer project than any other taxpayer in the unincorporated area.

She’s been completely ineffective when it comes to keeping costs under control.  Under her watch, the cost of Cudjoe Regional has sky-rocketed from $147 million to $196 million.  Though she’s voted “no” on some of the cost increases, she’s failed to take a strong stand against the over-spending.  Her “solution” is to force her constituents in Key Largo to pick up the slack.  She’d rather watch taxpayer money burn than make waves.

Here’s are some links to her candidate page from prior elections.

Murphy 2006:  She talks about how “knowledgeable” she is about Monroe County.  Hmmm….not knowledgeable enough to secure fair funding for her own district.

Murphy 2008:  She promised to be “fiscally responsible”.  Hmmm….does she consider Cudjoe Regional to be “fiscally responsible”?  How about those $25 million projects that now cost $63 million?

Murphy 2012:  She feels she’s been “good” for Monroe County.  Hmmm….I suppose she has if you support out-of-control government spending, lying and unfairness.

The county spends more foolishly than ever and with less accountability.  Though Murphy doesn’t always play along, she does little to stop it.  Now the county is looking to borrow more money to pay for it all.  They are counting on a bail-out from the state in the form of the Florida Keys Stewardship Act.  Though the Act looks set to pass, it doesn’t look like there will be much money to go with it.  Not much of a bail-out this year.  It’ll be up to Monroe County taxpayers – again.

Murphy looked the other way on the iPhone theft, and has nothing but praise for the iPhone Bandit.  She looked the other way as spending spun out of control.  She looked the other way on the wastewater funding disparity.  She looked the other way on the high kill rate at the Upper Keys animal shelter.  She’s literally looking the other way in her picture on the county’s website!

The Keys can’t afford another four years of Murphy looking the other way.  The taxpayers need someone who will face these issues honestly, and is willing to take action to correct them.  We’ve had ten years of Murphy patting on us on our heads and telling us to go away.  She doesn’t listen.  She doesn’t care.  She doesn’t act.  Murphy is a do-nothing and the Keys have suffered for it, especially Key Largo.

Thankfully there is a challenger.  Robby Majeska, a long time member of the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (District) board, has filed.  I know Robby personally and I’m happy to share what I know.

  • He is serious about fiscal responsibility.  The Key Largo project was budgeted at $157 million.  The original project came in at $146 million.  The project is at about $155 million now, including a service area expansion and upgrades needed to treat wastewater from Islamorada.
  • He asks smart questions and holds staff accountable.
  • He cares and he goes the extra mile.
  • He is not willing to play politics at the expense of his constituents.
  • He is very active in the community.  He is generous with his time and other resources.
  • He’s just plain likable.

I don’t agree with him on everything, but I always know he’s coming from a good place.


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