Keynoter/Reporter Circling the Drain?

drain-2454608__480I saw this story in the Keynoter/Reporter misinformation rag.  Standard Keys skulduggery – newsworthy but not all that surprising.  Hell, our government officials do worse on a regular basis and nobody gives a damn.

Anyway, here was the most interesting bit for me.

He never performed the work and kept the money, said State Attorney’s Office spokesman Larry Kahn.

Larry Kahn?  Would this be the editor of the Keynoter?  Or former editor?

It’s common for sell-out reporters in the Keys to wind up as spin doctors for some local government agency or other.  Adam Linhardt, formerly of the Citizen, now works for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as the Director of the Media Relations Division.  Sounds important!  Cammy Clark, who I’m told once worked at the Miami Herald, now lies enthusiastically but unconvincingly for Monroe County.  I guess once your credibility as a journalist is shot, small-time spin doctor is the logical next step in your downward spiral.

Looks like the Keynoter/Reporter is a sinking ship.  First Richard Tamborrino bailed out.  Now Kahn, too?  David Goodhue and Gwen Filosa are the only two rats left aboard.  What happens if their crappy newspaper folds altogether?  They’re not going to find honest journalism jobs anywhere – not with their track records – and all the good spin doctoring jobs in the Keys are already taken.

Oh well, it’s hard to be sympathetic.  After all, they live in a hell of their own making.  As you might recall, Filosa is the one who kicked up dust to cover Madok’s resume lie when she worked at the Citizen.  And Goodhue loves a good smear campaign.  See here and here.  Oddly enough, he tends to target the very same people the county dislikes.  Note that Kahn’s name is on one of those hit pieces, too.

If the Keynoter/Reporter folds, I certainly won’t miss it.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  I just hope it’s replaced by a real newspaper.  The Keys needs a real newspaper, dammit.

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2 Responses to Keynoter/Reporter Circling the Drain?

  1. milemarker17 says:

    You obviously did zero research on what’s gone down at the Keynoter before doing your own spin doctoring in a direction that matches your prejudices, but one that has little to do with actual events. One always wonders about the credibility of a blog like yours. No more. I’ll be unsubscribing. now.


    • M_Blank says:

      Well, what am I wrong about? What should my research have turned up? Why not put your version of the facts out there before storming off in a huff? By the way, the Keynoter/Reporter could easily enlighten us about all the changes but they haven’t. Why the secrecy?

      As for credibility, I find and link to the docs so you can make up your own mind. The Keynoter doesn’t, the Reporter doesn’t, the Citizen doesn’t. They swallow press releases whole and spout them back as news. They let local government lie to us time and again.

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