Where MAGA Lies Lead Us

I would have been willing to ride out the remaining few days of greasy orange hitler’s hideous reign in relative silence. But now that MAGA-thugs (MAGAT’s) have attacked the capital building there’s just no way I can do that.

I’m not entirely sure where all my MAGA’s heads are at these days. I know that for some, the spell is finally broken. All it took was a domestic terror attack to see their MAGA movement for what it truly is. Some are still worshiping at the feet of their greasy orange hitler and gulping down the greasy, orange Koolaid. Shame on them.

I’ve spent four years bottling up my disgust to try and keep the peace with the MAGA’s around me. And you know what? I’m done. Now I get to vent my spleen.

All patriotic, freedom-loving Americans should watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video. MAGA’s should watch it, too. They will struggle with the truth about how their own behavior and embrace of lies compares to the Nazi’s, but they are the ones who most need to hear the message.

Emotions are running hot and the horrible facts about the domestic terror attack are still coming out, but the fact remains that MAGA’s have chosen to marinate in lies. The lies they love so much lead to hate and resentment. That hate and resentment inevitably leads to violence. Not all MAGA’s are guilty of violence, but all MAGA’s are complicit. Even if they didn’t storm the capital that day, they cast their vote for the person who lit the fuse. They believed and spread the lies that added fuel to the fire.

MAGA’s could easily fact check the bullshit fairy tales that get them so riled up against their fellow Americans. It would take an extra five or ten minutes of homework. The internet makes it so easy. Unfortunately, time and convenience is not the issue. The issue is pride and selfishness.

I know where I stand. I am pro-democracy, pro-America, pro-liberty. I oppose lies. I oppose hate. I oppose violence, thuggery and domestic terrorism. If my candidate loses an election I may not be happy, but I am willing to accept it. I expect MAGA’s to do the same. It’s how America is supposed to operate. MAGA’s are unique and special just like everybody else. The rules apply to them, too, no matter how special and superior they may consider themselves to be.

How did MAGA’s get to where they are today? How did they get to the point of committing such egregious acts of treachery and violence? Well it all starts with lies. The lies lead to bigotry and hate. And the hate leads to intimidation and violence.

Lies, lies, lies.

You can call them propaganda. Or conspiracy theories. Or baseless opinions. Or alternative facts. Or a weasel-word favorite, “unsubstantiated claims”. But these are all just euphemisms. We are talking about lies. And not just any old lies but the very worst kind – lies that are meant to justify doing harm to others. This is such a central feature of MAGA-ism, I made a graphic for it and I repeat it often. Lies are the black heart and corrupt soul of MAGA-ism. If lies catch on when you repeat them often enough, maybe the truth will, too. So here I go again…

Bigotry and hate.

The MAGA-verse started forming the moment that greasy orange hitler rode down his golden escalator and called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists.

I was horrified. I knew right then I could never vote for such a hateful, belligerent a$$hole.

But not everyone agrees with me. Greasy orange hitler was elected not in spite of comments like that but because of them.

There are far more hard-core, KKK fascist sympathizers out there then I realized. And there’s more crawling out from under their rocks all the time. That type of vile, paranoid thinking has infiltrated the minds of MAGA’s all over the country.

Intimidation and violence.

MAGA threats and violence started early on and have been building ever since. Greasy orange hitler encouraged his supporters to beat up opponents at his rallies. A few enthusiastically complied. Then came the Alt Right, Proud Boys and other MAGA-thug gangs. Finally it lead to the domestic terror attack on the capital last Wednesday.

Violence is like catnip to MAGA’s. They love it. Even if they don’t actively participate in it, they accept it, applaud it, excuse it and egg it on. A favorite underhanded MAGA maneuver is to deny their role in inciting violence, while at the same time continuing to fan the flames.

For MAGA’s, the threat of violence is the ace up their sleeve. MAGA’s are not persuaded by logic, evidence or facts. Much like their leader, they are persuaded by whatever flatters their ego. They simply accept what greasy orange hitler, or his minions, tell them is true and add their own flourishes. It creates a sick, escalating feedback loop. They cannot be bothered to fact check or search out other points of view because that would suck the drama and excitement out of their egotistical MAGA fantasies.

When the violence blows up in their face, as it inevitably does, MAGA’s disown it and try to pass the buck. Their domestic terror attack on the capital didn’t get the results they were after so now they’ve cooked up stupid conspiracy theories about antifa and false flag operations. They are desperately trying to shield themselves from the consequences of their own complicity.

It would almost be comical if it weren’t so evil and destructive.

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