I Got It!!! SHITLER!

I’ve been struggling with what to call greasy orange hitler on this blog. This morning, as I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the cat box, it hit me like a thunder bolt. SHITLER! It’s perfect.

It communicates the disgust I feel toward this highly craptastic person, and conveys the utter contempt he so richly deserves. It captures the tyrannical impulse that drives him while also alluding to his outrageously, clownish incompetence.

Turns out I’m not the first one to come up with “shitler”. The term already exists to describe Adolf Hitler and some other gross things. You can check it out at the Urban Dictionary if you so desire.

I think shitler is a perfect name for the individual that MAGA’s revere and seek to emulate. So what should we call them? Shitler-ites?

I guess MAGA’s will have to do for now. I saw a nice meme that says MAGA stands for “My Ass Got Arrested”. Lol. Good work, internet!

That will definitely work for the domestic terrorists in MAGA-land who actually carry out MAGA violence – the MAGA-thugs (MAGATs).

But there are still plenty of Armchair MAGA’s out there who buy into all the lies. Even now. As such, they are a big part of the problem. Shame on them. Try as they might, they can’t spin away the truth. We shouldn’t be surprised though. Lies are the black heart and corrupt soul of MAGA-ism. And…

There is so much dishonesty in MAGA-land. They’re still doubling down on the election lies. Jim Jordan, otherwise known as “Look Away Jim”, is still hammering away at that. So obedient and well-trained. He offers no evidence to support his claims, but then MAGA’s never do, do they?

By the way, MAGA’s, if you “condemn the violence” while at the same time refusing to hold shitler accountable for instigating the violence, then you’re not actually condemning the violence. You’re enabling it. You’re saying it’s perfectly okay to instigate violence. You’re guaranteeing that it will happen again. It may not be shitler next time, but it will be somebody.

MAGA’s aren’t immune to effects of violence, by the way. A MAGA planted two pipe bombs on January 6. MAGA’s can die in an explosion just as easily as any patriotic, freedom-loving American. So be careful what you allow your beloved shitler to get away with while you’re sitting in your armchair, marinating in lies. It might just come back to bite you.

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