Before and After: Worst Parents Ever

I continue to be amazed at the transformational effect that arrest and potential incarceration has on treasonous, violence-prone MAGA’s. A dose of accountability truly works miracles. MAGA’s go in as domestic terrorists demanding the violent overthrow of democracy, and come out as innocent, little lambs who were duped by shitler. It’s incredible!

It’s no secret that MAGA’s treat shitler like a cult leader. It creates a disturbance in the force when I dare to say so, but MAGA-ism looks very much like a form of shitler worship. I’m not trying to be critical or mean. It’s a simple statement of fact. I understand this is not something MAGA’s want to hear. To be quite frank, it’s not something I want to say. But it is a truth that needs to be acknowledged.

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.

Thomas Paine

MAGA’s definitely don’t treat shitler like any old politician. They take everything he says as gospel truth. There is no skepticism, no fact-checking, no getting the other side of the story. In fact, to a MAGA, there is no other side of the story. Anyone who criticizes shitler or tries to hold him accountable in any way is regarded as the ENEMY.

All this willful gullibility and cult-like thinking has tragic consequences. Here’s a story about two abysmally terrible parents that led their teenage son astray with their cultish shitler beliefs. They all trouped up to Washington D.C. together, drunk on shitler’s lies. As a direct result, the son joined in the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the capital.

Bruno Cua is facing a host of federal charges for storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, including assault on a federal officer, civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding. His dad testified that he knew he son had brought a baton with him as they went to the Capitol.

So Bruno Cua is one of the evil pricks who attacked the police officers on duty that day. In true hypocritical MAGA fashion, he showed the world that blue lives don’t actually matter to him after all.

After all this, Bruno’s god-awful parents were delusional enough to think that their son should be home with them until trial. I guess they thought they hadn’t screwed up his life enough already. Unsurprisingly, the judge thought reuniting Bruno with these idiots was unjustified given the severity of his crimes.

Bruno Cua, he ruled, would be held in custody until his trial. He would be sent back to D.C., where he’ll face trial for his crimes or, more likely, take a plea deal.

Bruno Cua is an adult in the legal sense, but just barely. He’s 18 years old. Thanks to his gullible, shitler-worshipping parents, he’s starting his adult life with a criminal record. Here’s what Cua’s sorry excuse for a father had to say about his role in the matter.

“I feel like I maybe should’ve known a little bit better at my age,” Joseph Cua said. “At some point, you’re like, ‘I think this is a bunch of B.S.’”


And, oh by the way, what incredible timing! This epiphany comes after the crime is already committed and Joseph Cua’s son is facing legal consequences for his actions. If daddy had bothered to do five minutes of fact checking beforehand – with his brain switched on!!! – he would have found that shitler’s “stolen election” claims were totally bogus. Maybe he wouldn’t have trashed his son’s future. A little critical thinking goes a long way. Just sayin’.

On Saturday, the Senate voted to acquit shitler for his role in the domestic attack on the capital. The acquittal wasn’t due to a lack of evidence. It was due to cowardice on the part of Senate Republicans, who are still terrified of shitler. Despite their ongoing spinelessness Republicans have managed to “condemn the violence” that occurred that day. They desperately want to hang on to the domestic terrorist vote, but at the same time, they don’t want to alienate moderates and independents. The vote to acquit was not a good faith decision based on the facts. It was a political calculation and everybody knows it.

I hope MAGA’s are paying attention here because there is a serious double standard at work. There will be no accountability for shitler no matter what he says or does. He’s too rich and well-connected. Despite his horribleness, he still has influence over the cult of MAGA. Besides, Republicans know that if shitler’s guilt is acknowledged then theirs will be, too. After all, with few exceptions, Republicans are as guilty as shitler of spreading the lies that caused the violence on January 6.

The mindless MAGA’s who thoughtlessly and stupidly did shitler’s bidding, will suffer the consequences of their actions. There will be no pardons for them. They won’t get the same lenient treatment that shitler got. After all, many of them proudly posted evidence of their crimes on social media. Over 230 MAGA’s have been arrested for their criminal acts so far. Shitler and his cronies are breezily disowning these hapless souls, and throwing them under the bus.

Of course, domestic terrorist MAGA’s are trying to do the exact same. Post arrest, they’re blaming shitler for “duping” them. It won’t do them any good though. They’ve already been sacrificed on the alter of political expedience.

There’s no honor among thieves. Or liars. Or domestic terrorists. Or political opportunists.

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