Before and After: Jennifer Ryan

MAGA’s are in full ass-covering mode these days. They are lying like never before, and boy can they lie! After all…

There’s nothing like the prospect of jail time to burst the MAGA bubble. One minute you’re a legend in your own mind, the next you’re cooling your heels in a jail cell – eating peasant food. Reality can be a total bitch sometimes.

Anyhow, I thought it might be interesting to document some of the amazing jail house conversions if only to remind ourselves of how deceitful these people truly are. In typical MAGA fashion, they’ll be playing the victim and sobbing into their beer.

MAGA-land media will be there to help spread their distorted tales of woe while helpfully obscuring how they wound up in their sorry situations to begin with. Let’s not allow their theatrical displays of self-pity and MAGA-land spin to eclipse the hard, cold reality of their crimes.

The mainstream media has provided a steady stream of stories about MAGA’s being tracked down and arrested. Many helpfully include “before” statements provided by MAGA’s themselves – often posted on social media – and “after” statements – often made in court or through their attorneys.

Since these statements are a matter of public record, they are difficult for MAGA’s to disown or dispute. That doesn’t mean they won’t try. Nothing pisses off a MAGA like an accurate news report.

First up is Jennifer Ryan, a realtor from Texas who plugged her services while roaming around the ransacked capital building. Classy!

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