Kolhage – Another Bromance?

New Monroe County Logo2Update:  Still looking into how all these bubbas are tied together.  At this point, it looks like the Daniel Kolhage who does business with Greg Veliz and Marcus DelValle could be Danny Kolhage’s son, Daniel.  It’s hard to say.  Sunbiz doesn’t give much information.  Research ongoing.

County Commissioner Danny Kolhage likes to portray himself as a respectable, financially responsible guy.  Some people actually fall for it!  I’m ashamed to say that I did.  But that image falls apart pretty fast when you start really looking into things.

I’ve already documented numerous instances of Kolhage’s double-talk, and his various associations.  Some of which are very financially convenient.  Others of which are just plain shady – particularly his long-time “bromance” with Greg Veliz, the new Assistant City Manager of Key West.  It seems the two have gotten into a bit of trouble together – forgot to pay sales tax.  Those scamps!

I recently discovered another interesting connection through a little birdie, and thought it was significant enough to document here.  Kolhage is in business with one Marcus del Valle, who I am told is also a Key West police officer.  Indeed, a Marcus del Valle does show up in the staff directory.

The business in question is M&M Construction of Key West and Mr. del Valle is a licensed contractor.  Kolhage is listed as the Vice President.  M&M Construction isn’t exactly killing it – not on the record anyway.  There are a few Notice of Commencements on file at the clerk’s office, and a few building permits.  At this point, it’s probably a side business.  It turns out working two jobs in the Keys is the norm for a lot of people.  If del Valle keeps hanging out with Kolhage maybe he won’t have to work two jobs anymore.  Maybe he’ll get a cushy gig like Greg Veliz.  At least del Valle doesn’t have a prison record – that I know of.

Also according to records available at the clerk’s office, Marcus del Valle has been involved in many, many real estate transactions.  There are about six pages worth since 1997 and more before that.  They tapered off in 2011 and picked up again in 2015.

I don’t know if any of this will turn out to be significant, but I’ll keep an eye out.  You never know.

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