After Irma


The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (KLWTD) seems to have made it through the storm.  From the Free Press.

During Hurricane Irma, the Key Largo district was the only sewer utility whose customers never lost the ability to flush, aside from a smattering of remote properties not connected to the central treatment plant that rely instead on electric-powered grinder pumps.

Congrats, hard-working crew.  You know what’s even better?  The District is not content with this success.  They are still looking for ways to improve. Continue reading

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About the NFL Thing…


Update:  My husband, who is very smart, pointed out that President Sunburnt-frog is probably trying to distract from his latest Obama-care repeal failure with this latest tantrum.  Also, the sunburnt-froglings are now struggling with their very own email scandals.  And after they made such a huge deal out of proper email usage during the campaign.  How very embarrassing.  “Lock them up!”  

President Cheeto-batter is at it again.  Stirring up crap on Twitter.  There must be something really juicy coming out about the Russia investigation.  Looking forward to that.  In the mean time… Continue reading

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Dissecting the Citizen’s Editorial


Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the biggest offender of them all?

The Citizen served up an extremely hypocritical lecture urging the community “to stand up and hold our elected officials responsible for the financial harm they are inflicting on our community“.  Really?  How interesting.

There are two major points to be made here.

First of all, when it comes to enabling reckless, incompetent, and possibly corrupt local government, the Citizen is the worst offender.  By far.  Numerous examples can be found on this blog.

Second, concerned private citizens are already very active in monitoring and vocally opposing all that is wrong with local government in the Keys.  There’s this blog and the Coconut Telegraph.  There are numerous citizen’s groups.  Dump the Pumps, Dig Deep Cudjoe, Last Stand, Key Largo Federation of Homeowners.  All these groups are pursuing positive change at the local level.

How is possible to forget the Citizen’s one-sided body slam against a couple of property owners seeking relief?  When those property owners attempted to “hold our elected officials accountable”, they didn’t receive very positive coverage from the Citizen.  Quite the opposite.

For these reasons alone, the Citizen’s editorial is extremely obnoxious. Continue reading

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Catching Up With the Keys


I’ve been on a whirlwind lately.  Early summer is a busy, busy time of year.  Lots of projects, visitors, work – everything.  Haven’t had too much time to blog or keep up on Keys stuff.  But I did have a chance to check in today.  Read on. Continue reading

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Right Message, Wrong Messenger


The Keynoter/Reporter has an editorial up about the dangers faced by journalists these days.  Greg “the body slammer” Gianforte immediately springs to mind.  The editorial isn’t wrong, but are the folks at the Keynoter/Reporter really the right ones to deliver this message?

Let’s face it, the meek, timid bunnies at the Keynoter are as safe in their cozy, little dens as they can possibly be.  They might take a swipe at low-hanging fruit or pile on somebody who’s already been targeted, but they will never risk ruffling feathers by asking tough questions when it really counts.  I left a comment pretty much saying that.

Funny enough – it looks like they’re up for an award for prettiest website or something.  Nothing wrong with “pretty”, but informative would be great.  Just sayin’.

Unfortunately, the Keynoter/Reporter isn’t even the worst news outlet in the Keys.  That “honor” would go to the Citizen, a publication which passes on lies to the public even after being called on it.  Here’s an item about one of their more blatant deceptions.  (Be warned – you have to scroll past my Trump rant.)  The Citizen is ballsy at least – but not in a good way.

Here’s a really good piece on the topic of sickly Keys media.  It’s at the Blue Paper, of course, the only reliable news outlet in the Keys.

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FKAA Follies – All Talk, No Action


Why bother with the play acting?

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) responded to my public records request.  Their follow-up on the Dean residency issue was underwhelming to say the least.  I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one.  Basically, the FKAA sent the letter and investigative report to the governor…and that’s it.


The governor didn’t respond.  Unsurprising.  The letter never asked him to.  So rather than following up or handling the situation themselves, like you might expect from grown adults, the FKAA weakly fell back on an email from Cheri Smith of the Key West Canvassing Board to buttress their self-serving decision to do nothing.  Here is a link to all the documents provided. Continue reading

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Bob Dean: Another Follow-up


I’ve been circling back to some dormant issues lately.  One of those is Bob Dean’s apparent violation of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s (FKAA) rules regarding residency requirements.  Simply put, board members are supposed to live in the district which they represent.

For most of us, this is a straight-forward matter.  Where do you get your mail?  Where is your family?  Where do you keep your stuff?  Where does your dog hang out?  Where do you sleep at night?  Not for Mr. Dean.  More on that here. Continue reading

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One Down, Two to Go


The questions keep piling up.

In this post, I talked about three questions I posed to Monroe County and the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA).

  1.  I asked the FKAA board about the status of Bob Dean’s residency issue.  No response.  I’ll try again.  Only this time I’ll put it in the form of a public records request.
  2. I asked Bob Shillinger to address the issue of the Hickory House sale.  It doesn’t appear to have been advertised in accordance with Florida law.  I’m very curious about that because (a) the taxpayers took a $1 million loss on the sale; and (b) it became part of the controversial Ocean’s Edge development.
  3. I asked Rhonda Haag to send a “sources and uses” report for the canal restoration projects.

Continue reading

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Pay to Play?


An aerial from 2013 showing cleared areas.

When I looked at donations to Kevin Madok’s campaign for county clerk, I noted that two sizable donations came from landfill companies.  That struck me as odd.  Why would two landfill operations from out-of-town care who wins the election for Monroe County clerk of court?

Fast forward a month or two, and the county is crowing about some huge fines they’ve been allowed to impose on local business owner, Brian Lindback.  They are salivating over the possibility of foreclosing on his property.  It gives me the creeps.  It should give everyone the creeps.  Yesterday it was SUFA.  Today it’s Brian Lindback.  Who will be targeted tomorrow?  You?  Me?  Your sweet old granny? Continue reading

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Lindback: Hassled out of business and property?

New Monroe County Logo2I hear from quite a few people behind the scenes, and an awful lot of them tell me stories about being hassled out of business by Monroe County government or the City of Key West.  It’s hard to verify most of this, but I’m inclined to believe these folks because I know how the county operates.  They’re as sleazy as it gets.  They love bullying people and they love going on the attack.  They’ve already demonstrated that they’re more than happy to crap all over their taxpayers just because they can.  Why not roll over a few business owners, too? Continue reading

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